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    Insulating gaps in detached garage

    Yeah, I do want to do it right the first time--part of the reason for my concern. Wouldn't want to get all the drywall up and then find out the table saw is damnably loud! :p For sure. Sadly, only about 4 ft of headspace at the garage center, with no installed ladder access. I was thinking...
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    Insulating gaps in detached garage

    Specifically, it's 24x28 with 10 ft ceilings. That's 3x7 = 21 4x8 panels. Plus walls, per your suggestion, 6+6+7=19. So 40, but would need a few more for the top 2' sections and the front wall. So maybe 40 was a bit of a low-ball estimate :/. I would like the rest of the shop space to be...
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    Insulating gaps in detached garage

    ran the math, probably looking at 40 4x8 boards to cover the ceiling and walls. That's $1200 just on the foam boards--ouch!
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    Insulating gaps in detached garage

    Nothing whack with the construction method---the insulation is whack. Why use an insulated garage door and R4 ish foam boards around the outside, only to leave huge air gaps in the ceiling? It's like they decided to insulate, and gave up halfway.
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    Insulating gaps in detached garage

    Totally agree on air sealing. The garage door seals probably need replacing, but otherwise the place looks pretty well air sealed....ignoring the huge gaps in those header boards :eek:. I admit I'm nervous about putting up drywall on the ceiling. Never mind the physical challenge of getting...
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    Insulating gaps in detached garage

    Hey 4of7--How good is that reflectix working for you? I sure like the idea of unroll and glue! But I've heard that reflective type insulation isn't always ideal for building insulation.
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    Insulating gaps in detached garage

    It's weird. The building has a lot of insulated 'features' (like the doors, walls, etc) but the ceiling appears to be just acoustical insulation to cut down on shop noise. Looks a lot like this...
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    Insulating gaps in detached garage

    Unfortunately I don't think the ceiling panels are sturdy enough to support fiberglass batts above them, it's really just a 3/4" foam board. Looks like sheetrock, but sure isn't! I never even thought of plastic sheeting. Probably not a bad idea!
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    Insulating gaps in detached garage

    Hi all-- not sure if a Homebrewing forum is the best spot to ask for insulating advice, but I've been surprised before by the depth of knowledge here. And it's for a good homebrew cause! I'm trying to make my workshop/homebrew space in my detached garage a bit more comfortable for these cold...
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    Frozen Beer!

    Quick, remove any big chunks of ice! You've now succeeded in making eisbier! Congrats. :D.
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    The "Economy" of Homebrewing

    Here's the way I figure it. For all the fact of the matter that the process of brewing might take 6 hours, how much of that time is actually spent brewing? I personally am on the internet for a vast majority of the time, and have been know to hop out on an errand during the conversion. I...
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    POLL!!! Help finish this poster/t-shirt design!

    *Raises hand I don't have a lot of experience with either one, but nearly everyone I know, brewers and non brewers alike, see, to think that miller at least has more flavor. I mean, it is at least all malt. Off course, that would throw BMC out of order...
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    So much for the local hb club

    :D We all have bad days. But seriously, I wouldn't want a meeting with too much structure. Our meetings usually start out with people tricking in the door, schmoozing for an hour, a 15 minute business meeting, followed by more schmoozing. I'm younger'n you, and I'd say the average age there...
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    Anal Abv Measurers!

    Back on topic... I record my OG, but rarely, if ever, my FG. OG is nice because I can tell what my efficiency is, but FG doesn't carry the same importance to me. I ca get away with this for two reasons, usually. First, I usually only primary for an extended period of time, 1 month +...
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    So I poured out a batch the other day...

    Well Finn, I figured it wasn't gonna be worth the massive ensuing boil over that it would have caused (alcohol+carbonation+heat= bad) for the small amount of spirits it sould have generated. Plus, hops add a burnt rubber smell to distillate. Figuratively speaking, of course. ;)
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    So I poured out a batch the other day...

    It was very, very sad. But I needed the keg more than the beer in it; I had a porter that needed to get out of secondary. It was one of my first AG brews, Edwort's Haus iirc. But I must have been imperfect in my sanitation that day (too worried about the mash etc.) for it developed a twangy...
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    when do you tell her?

    I'm short in the girlfriend department but heavy in the "female friend" area. So I've brought it up with a number of girls, and really the response I've gotten is highly dependent upon the individual. One, dislikes beer and thinks that, in general, alcohol "makes you stupid". I've gradually...
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    Stout tastes too watery

    Even being the potential butt of the joke that one made me laugh out loud :D. The image of a rather spectacular geyser comes to mind.
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    Stout tastes too watery

    Hehehe, thanks. Just wanted to check, as I haven't used maltodextrin before.
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    I haven't done anything of the sort myself (I have a few too many drug screenings to consider it), but I came across this a while back: From homedistiller.org. Targeted towards distillers, but the processing information is certainly useful.