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    Best NEIPA hop combos

    I'm sorry, I just don't get anything "tropical" from Amarillo. They're just plain tinny/metallic to me.
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    Best yeast for Trillium clone?

    Wyeast 1098, WLP007 or Conan per Jean-Claude Tetreault himself.
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    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    I'm here at work chewing Extra Cinnamon gum and realizing that this has the essence of Pumking.
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    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    It's gotta be butter, right?
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    Equinox and Exp 6277

    The aroma of 6277 reminded me of Amarillo but maybe a bit more pungent.
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    A Great Grapefruit Recipe help.....

    The key to grapefruit I believe is in the zest, not the juice. I soaked the zest of four grapefruits in 300 MLs of vodka for a couple weeks, then I strained and added it to the keg. The grapefruit is certainly present in the flavour and aroma but I would probably just dry hop with it next time.
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    substitute for Chinook? in caramel amber ale

    My substitution order would be... Nugget Delta Cluster Goldings Saaz Tettenang Fuggle
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    Girl Scout Cookie Caramel Delites (Samoas) Beer

    I'm subscribing to this for sure! I was thinking of doing something similar but adding the toasted coconut to the secondary and maybe soaking those little chewy caramel candies in some vodka and maybe extracting the flavor?
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    Thoughts on my Mosaic/CTZ IPA

    1 oz CTZ @ 60 1 oz mosaic @ 30 1 oz mosaic @ 0 Dry hop 2 oz mosaic Dry hop 1 oz CTZ I've used this hop schedule in the past, it turned out amazing. I had a bourbon drinker next to me ask "is that your beer that smells like a pineapple?"
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    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    Oh, and sarcasm apparently.
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    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    I love the posters that show up only to trash the commercial version. Thanks for your contributions.
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    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    Everyone is an expert yet no results.
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    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    ^ I approve this message.
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    ST Warlock Clone?

    Spend some time in the Pumking clone thread and add .5 pounds of midnight wheat or debittered black malt. The key to these beers are the spices. I don't think adding dried spices at 5 minutes gets you there. https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f12/southern-tier-pumking-clone-191381/
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    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    I used Trader Joes pumpkin pie spice. I'll never do that again, it was closer to crumb cake than pumpkin pie.
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    Founders All Day IPA

    I degassed it, it finished at 1.010.
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    Amarillo/Citra VS Amarillo/Simcoe

    Why not all three?
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    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    Disclaimer: I don't have any concrete evidence. -No graham cracker extract! No! No! No! -Butter flavor is still a possibility. -I highly doubt they mash graham crackers. grain bill is a guess but try a simple amber with 2row C-40 and libbys pumpkin. OG- 1.078 FG-1.013 Bitter with magnum...
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    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    Thanks, please report back!
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    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    Does it have that Pumking aroma?