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  1. Simonh82

    phenolic lager yeast?

    Did you use chlorinated tap water?
  2. Simonh82

    How to get rid of/kill yeast?

    You need to add potassium sorbate, then wait a day and back sweeten. PS stops yeast reproducing and fermenting. You can them force carbonate without fear that it will restart in the bottles
  3. Simonh82

    Acidifying wort used in slants to allow sterilisation at boiling temps

    My understanding is that the reason the wort used in slants should be boiled in a pressure cooker under 15PSI of pressure is to raise the temperature high enough to kill botulinum spores. I've only made a couple of batches of slats so far and as I don't have a pressure cooker I've just boiled...
  4. Simonh82

    Restreaking from older yeast slants

    I have a small collection of yeast cultures that I keep on slants. Some of them are getting on for 6 months old and I'd like to restreak them onto fresh slants to keep the strain going. Is it fine to just transfer and streak directly from the old slant onto a new one? Will the viability of...
  5. Simonh82

    Your Time in Primary

    If you can excuse the boringly sexist image used in this post, it gives a good description of the dyacetyl test https://www.winning-homebrew.com/diacetyl-test.html. This test was also recommended on the beersmith podcast by Dr Charlie Bamford, who leads the brewing program at UC Davis. It...
  6. Simonh82

    Experiment reusing yeast from high OG beers

    I've not reused yeast from high OG beers I've made myself but I have successfully cultured up yeast from strong beers which have been bottle conditioned. I managed to get the Duvel strain from the dregs of a couple of bottles and that seemed to show no noticeable issues.
  7. Simonh82

    Reducing fusil alcohol (or something else)

    Thanks for the suggestion but I'm not sure if this would work. Most of the yeast strains that I use are fairly characterful, which is why I like them. I think fermenting at 15°C might reduce ester production significantly. Also, I'm not sure how well these English ale strains would...
  8. Simonh82

    Reducing fusil alcohol (or something else)

    I have the temperature probe suspended in mid-air with a pc fan circulating the air in the fridge. I also monitor the temperature of the beer with LCD strip on the side of the fermentor. I've tested the accuracy of the LCD strip and determined that it is accurate. During active...
  9. Simonh82

    Reducing fusil alcohol (or something else)

    I use a variety of yeasts and I've not found it makes a big difference. Recent beers have used WLP022 Essex Ale, Brewlabs Burton Ale and Brewlabs Sussex Ale. I control my temperature with a brew fridge and Inkbird controller. I monitor the temperature carefully and take into account the heat...
  10. Simonh82

    Reducing fusil alcohol (or something else)

    Alas I am vegetarian so gelatine doesn't appeal. I cold crash and this gets a lot of yeast out of suspension but I do bottle condition so there is always a bit in the bottle. I've not heard of excess yeast causing headaches before.
  11. Simonh82

    Reducing fusil alcohol (or something else)

    I've found that there is a definite link between drinking my homebrew and getting mild headaches the following day which I don't get when I drink decent commercial beer. I suspect fusil alcohol although I've never tasted anything that might suggest this. Last night for instance I had 2 pints...
  12. Simonh82

    I assumed it was fine which makes me an %$#

    120 hours in, it seems pretty unlikely it's suddenly going to take off. I'd pitch more yeast but also take a gravity sample at the same time. If it hasn't moved you know for sure the other yeast was dead, it also gives you a chance to taste it and see if it has gone sour. Did the smack pack...
  13. Simonh82

    Building multi step starters

    Sorry, that was a typo. It is a 35ml vial of yeast, not 35mm. I'm hoping there are maybe 50-60 billion viable cells. I will make sure I decant off the old wort first.
  14. Simonh82

    Building multi step starters

    I'm having some yeast sent to me from the Wibbler Brewery in Essex, England. They send you a 35mm vial of yeast, which I guess will be pretty thick slurry. If I want to build this up to a starter and particularly if I want to overbuild to harvest some yeast again I know I'm going to do a...