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  1. b-boy

    Pitched yeast at 28c. Disaster?

    I had fusels in one batch I made years ago. It tasted fine. But man one beer would give me a really wicked hangover. I mean a bad hangover. I tried to plow through, but ended up giving up half way through the keg. It was a similar situation. I couldn't get the temps down and just pitched the...
  2. b-boy

    First brew

    Wow. AG and a Saison for your first beer. Pretty impressive.
  3. b-boy

    New, looking for recommendations

    I'm a Rebel Brewer fan. Great service and great delivery. I can order on a Tuesday, and get it by Friday.
  4. b-boy

    Burners vs stoves

    Pickup a turkey fryer. You'll get an OK burner, plus another pot and lid you can use for brewing. You can usually get them for around $75. They come in handy for lots of things...
  5. b-boy


    The only time I'd really worry about cloudiness is in a lager. Other than that - if it tastes good, then it's good.
  6. b-boy

    Why would my beer cause headaches?

    Fusels. I made a batch of an Arrogant Bastard clone once that tasted great, but was undrinkable. One glass resulted in the 'hangover from hell' the next day. I had to dump it. Like everyone said, get your temperatures under control and you won't have this problem.
  7. b-boy

    Maybe I'm not taking the cleaning part seriously enough

    Yes. A soak in PBW or OxiClean followed by a sanitizer like Star-San is a must. You can't sanitize a dirty carboy.
  8. b-boy

    Chest freezer for fermentation questions

    I use a fan to prevent temperature stratification in the chest freezer. I have one in my keezer as well. I point it at my ceramic reptile heater bulb to dissipate the heat.
  9. b-boy

    Chest freezer for fermentation questions

    Yes on a fan. I have a rubber mat on the floor of my chamber. It has 'waffle' cutouts, so it keeps the carboys off the floor, but still lets air pass through. I use it mostly to avoid denting the floor when I use kegs. I've never had trouble with temp variations. That's probably because of the...
  10. b-boy

    How to crush campden tablets without contamination?

    keistering? Is that like lautering? :D
  11. b-boy

    How to crush campden tablets without contamination?

    I second the RO water. I have some crappy water here in Buffalo. I do a 50/50 mix of RO/tap water and add campden tablets to remove chlorine. That gets my water to levels that I can manipulate. Then I use EZ-Water to adjust it. If I didn't dilute it, I'd never be able to modify it with EZ-water...
  12. b-boy

    new to brewing and keging need a little help

    Yes - wait longer. Also, put it somewhere that's in the mid 70s. That might help get the yeast working again.
  13. b-boy

    Not quite a beginner...

    Personally, I'd go with some simple beers until you get your process down. There is a lot that can go wrong on an AG brew day, so having a simple recipe with a few hop additions will help you focus on everything else. You need to worry about water temps, conversion, boil volumes, stuck sparges...
  14. b-boy

    My grain bag is crazy moldy

    PBW pretty much eats anything organic, so I think it would do the job. Follow that with a soak in Star San and I'd say you're good. I'd probably just get a new bag though. :D
  15. b-boy

    Is Amarillo supposed to be so piney?

    I've had some issues with Amarillo. I buy bulk hops, and year to year they've tasted completely different. Not sure if that's freshness or weather, but it was very noticeable.
  16. b-boy

    Is Amarillo supposed to be so piney?

    Amarillo is definitely not piney IMHO.
  17. b-boy

    Beer styles.

    Most important - lager or ale yeast? If it's lager yeast, you've got a lager of some kind. If it's ale yeast, you probably have a blonde ale of some kind, maybe leaning towards a pale ale. That would probably depend on your other grains, what hops you were using, and how you used them.
  18. b-boy

    Beer styles.

    I'd say it depends on which style it's modeled after. I think most recipes follow a basic template, then variations are made from there. For example, is there wheat or oatmeal in your grist. What are the grain types/ratios? What color is the final product? What yeast are you using? What's...
  19. b-boy

    Retro-nasal off flavour perception on recent brew

    I get that taste when I use Centennial Hops. Specifically, the Centennial Blonde recipe on this site. I still make and drink it though. It may be a genetic thing, because other people don't get the same reaction to it. I'm not sure that helps you, but at least you know you're not alone.
  20. b-boy

    Bottling prep - making priming solution the night before

    I add the hot sugar water first, then rack the beer over top of it. It cools it and mixes it at the same time.