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  1. oddcopter

    Capping Fermentor, CO2 production vs. SG to determine the end of fermentation

    I have recently begun fermenting in kegs. I start with a blowoff tube and when things slow down, after seven days or more, I cap my kegs with a spunding valve set at 14 PSI. Then, after 10+ days I completely cap it. At that point, I periodically release CO2 to bring the pressure below 15 PSI. As...
  2. oddcopter

    Hillbilly HERMS

    I'm going to give this a try this weekend. Hope it works!
  3. oddcopter

    How do I get the best sweetness from crystal malt without using lactose?

    I am going to brew a pecan pie porter and I want it to be sweet. I don't want to use lactose. I am thinking about either: 1. Steeping some 80L crystal separate from my mash, then boiling/reducing it to a syrup and later adding it to my boil. 2. Mashing the crystal with my entire grain bill...
  4. oddcopter

    Sous Vide BIAB

    I'm new to home brewing and decided to bypass extracts and go straight to BIAB. My wife and I bought a sous vide machine a few years back. We used it a couple of times then it got stored away. When researching BIAB, I read a lot about temperature control and the sous vide immediately...