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    Pear in beer

    Have any of you used pear purée in beer? I have a friend getting married, he wants a cinnamon pear Kolsch. I’m all for going it but not sure about the flavor. I’m thinking a regular Kolsch brewed with a bit of cinnamon at the end of the boil. Pitch and ferment for about 2-3 days and then add...
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    Gose and Salt

    My wife is huge fan of gose beers, so I’m jumping in and making one for her. The thing that’s is stumping me is the salt. It’s really had for me to think about pitching salt in to my wort, but hey in the name of beer I’ll do it. I have a ton of Pink Himalayan salt, can I use 30 grams of that, or...
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    Kolsch Yeast

    Anyone know what is going on? Kolsch Yeast is pretty much hard to get!
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    Nibs in vodka

    How long do you generally soak your nibs in vodka before adding to your secondary? Thanks
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    Milk Stout

    I have a Milk Stout sitting on Bourbon soaked oak cube and Cherries, what is the longest you'd let them sit. I don't want the bourbon to be over powering. Thinking 2 weeks, I did this last year but didn't take notes.
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    Beer line length

    I built a keezer (pictured below) it hold 4 kegs on tap and one for carbing. My beer lines run through my bedroom wall to my taps in the kitchen. They are separated by 2 pieces of 1/2 drywall and a 2x4 the lines are insulated. My first few pours are foamy, I have about the 3 1/2 feet of line...
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    Bourbon soaked cherries

    I have 2 pounds of bourbon soaked cherries. I'm making a chocolate milk stout that I'm going to add some of these cherries to the secondary. I want a slight bourbon cherry flavor. How much would you add? Thanks!
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    Finings to Kegged and carbonated beer

    Ok so I'm not sure what is happening, I've never had this problem before. But recently I kegged a German Alt. I got it carbonated and it tastes great. I fermented at a about 55 degrees, crashed it, lagered it and it's coming out of the tap murky. Has anyone added gelatin finings to a carbed keg...
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    Upgrading to a 15 gallon kettle

    I am upgrading from an 8 gallon kettle to a 15 gallon kettle. I have a whirlpool arm (shown in the pictures below) on my 8 gallon kettle. I still want to make 5 gallon batches so my Whirlpool arm is going to to have to be lower on the 15 gal kettle. Is there any problems that I might have...
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    Drilling recommendations

    Just picked up a Whirlpool arm and have to drill a 1" hole in my Kettle. I got a step drill bit to do this and have oil to lubricate while drilling. Anyone have tips on drilling through my stainless Kettle? I really don't want to mess up a $150 pot! Thanks in advance!
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    Christmas Ale

    About a week and a half ago I brewed my Christmas Ale, I put an 1/8 tsp of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves in the last 5 minutes of my Boil. I have two vanilla beans soaking in vodka (just put them in the vodka 5 mins ago) I plan on adding the beans and vodka to the beer tomorrow evening. Can I cold...
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    Using Vanilla Beans

    I'm making a Holiday Ale and I'm going to be using whole vanilla beans. It's going to be a 5 gallon amber ale base, I want a hint of vanilla, as I'm adding cinnamon and nutmeg the last few minutes of the Boil. How many vanilla beans should I add? And should I crack the beans? I'm going to soak...
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    Steelhead 2.0 pump mounting

    How have you mounted your steelhead 2.0 pump. Pictures of your setup would be helpful. Thanks in advance and Cheers!
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    Adding a whirlpool to my kettle

    I want to add a whirlpool to my kettle, without drilling in to my pot please what recommendations can you offer. Pictured is my current pot! Thanks
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    Shirron Chiller Plate

    Who uses a Shirron Chiller Plate? I just bought one based off the reviews on Northern Brewer. Living in Florida I need to chill my beer and I'm trying to step up my home brewing game. I appreciate any thoughts or recommendations on this piece of equipment. While I'm thinking of it can the cold...
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    Chinook hops session IPA

    Looking for a good Session IPA, I want to use 100% Chinook hops. Anyone have a recipe they're willing to share...doesn't have to be you A+ version...B+ is totally acceptable.
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    Brewing with soften water

    Anyone brew with soften water? I have always brewed with tap water but recently had a water softener put in. I am adding accumash to my mash now. But none of those beers are ready, just wondering if I'm going to notice a difference, and what I should expect.
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    Marvel Outdoor Kegerator

    Anyone have a Marvel Outdoor Kegerator? I have had mine for about a week now and for whatever reason it the door display says off and will not turn back on. I tried to call the manufacturer but of course they are closed.
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    Brew Kettle Crud

    I just brewed a Czech Pilsner, when I transferred from the BK to the Fermenting Bucket the wire braided hose got clogged after about 3 gallons. Need less to say I am cooling the wort to 50 degrees hoping to drop most of the crud that got in to the bucket, then I'll be transferring it to a new...
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    Outdoor kitchen Undercounter Kegerator

    I'm in a huge dilemma, I recently contracted a company to build an outdoor kitchen for me. They have completed nearly everything, except they have not delivered and installed the outdoor undercounter kegerator. We were supposed to have a two tap system installed. I had it out with the...