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  1. Evan!

    VA group bulk grain buy

    I'm in for some as well... (1) 2-row (1) Maris Otter (1) Munich 10L (1) Pils
  2. Evan!

    Revvy IS Chuck Norris

    What's to be jealous of? A cult of n00bs who obey him without question because even though they've never tried any of his beers, hey, he posts a lot and he sounds like he knows what he's talking about (their words, not mine)? I wouldn't wish that on anyone. It's an unhealthy environment for any...
  3. Evan!

    Revvy IS Chuck Norris

    Ooooh, looks like someone didn't like getting called out on their revvy crush. Strike a nerve? :rolleyes: You guys should let this thread die a peaceful death, for your own sake.
  4. Evan!

    Revvy IS Chuck Norris

    Why don't you just blow him and get it over with? It'd be a lot quicker than all this damn foreplay.
  5. Evan!

    Never Ever Again__more Beer

    I hear ya...I've never had that happen at Amazon, but in any case, I don't expect and am not asking for perfection. If you guys truly have improved it, cool...I just had like 3 different orders in a row with the same exact problem back in Jan., and I was trying to get my rig ready for a brew...
  6. Evan!

    Never Ever Again__more Beer

    Thanks, Jason. When I had my problems awhile back (website said it was in stock, I placed the order, entire order gets held up because one or two items weren't actually in stock), the customer service email I got was nice, and I have nothing bad to say about the courteousness of you guys (and...
  7. Evan!

    Never Ever Again__more Beer

    Back on topic: add me to the list of dissatisfied Morebeer customers. I won't order from them again until I have verifiable proof that their ordering system is fixed. I lost count of how many times I placed an order, and the items I ordered said "in stock", but the entire order got held up...
  8. Evan!

    Never Ever Again__more Beer

    Uh, I don't think he manipulated him. Sounded to me like he laid all the cards out on the table and the customer made a choice. There's a difference between giving someone "the best price" and honoring a competitor's "% off" coupon when your stuff is already lower at retail price. For...
  9. Evan!

    My first foray into water adjustment

    I dunno, I just draw the lines on the nomograph, then go into JP's RA Spreadsheet and adjust until I get my C:S ratio where I want it. Your results look good, I like the "very malty" C:S range for a porter. I guess you could go a little higher on your residual alkalinity, but other than that...
  10. Evan!

    The ultimate horror!

    The hypocrisy of them banning alcohol at this event but then going and drinking wine in church every sunday and calling it blood, is comical.
  11. Evan!

    Helles Bock 'Feat of Strength' Helles Bock

    This is my highest-gravity lager to date. I brewed 10 gallons on 7/24, it fermented for about a week at 48->54f, then I brought it up to room temp (60's) for a week or so to help it finish out. FG was 1.018 or so. Been lagering ever since; the other half is still lagering, actually. Kegged and...
  12. Evan!

    Wireless Digital Thermometer on Woot

    The connection between the probe and the braided wire is not waterproof. Yeah, you could try to waterproof it a la DRoy's link, but why? Save yourself a lot of headache and just get a type k thermocouple. Your mash temps should not be changing so much over the course of a mash that you really...
  13. Evan!

    What Sanitisers and Cleaners are used.

    Nothing like blindly following someone because they act like they know what they're talking about. ;) Cult of Revvy FTW! :D I can't wait till Revvy finally snaps and starts telling you people to sanitize with their own urine, or ferment with Fleischmanns, or do a SMaSH with black patent, and...
  14. Evan!

    Chicago got shot down!!

    Your snark goes to 11, olly.
  15. Evan!

    Do you have a plan?!

    Too many of you people haven't read the Zombie Survival Guide. Yeah, buckshot and flamethrowers. Brilliant. :rolleyes:
  16. Evan!

    Beer Gun? We LOVE the Stinking Beer Gun!

    So did you get it hooked up?
  17. Evan!

    Help with Manifold build

    before you go too far, you may want to consider a bigger cooler.
  18. Evan!

    Does time heal severe underpitching?

    A couple hours and some bottles is nothing. Just bottle it and forget about it. And then 6 months from now you'll try one and it'll either be fine or it'll be terrible. But give it that chance at least.
  19. Evan!


    If you don't use them within the next week, they'll go bad. Your only option is to brew a big IIPA and use them all. Srsly, yes, ziploc and freezer is your best bet until you get your vacuum sealer working again. Make sure you get as much air out of the ziplocs as possible.
  20. Evan!

    Plastic Hose Tees

    They're fine, like others have said, as long as you don't get backwash into the gas lines. I suggest installing check valves so that doesn't happen.