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  1. duboman

    Illinois 2-Tier Brew Stand and equipment-AG

    System has served me well but I've upgraded, PM if interested or questions http://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/for/5316868817.html
  2. duboman

    Illinois 2 Tap kegerator-Chicago Suburbs

    Listed this today on CL, take a look and PM me if interested or have questions http://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/app/5316857909.html
  3. duboman

    Duvel Buys Boulevard:(

    Well Duvel did a nice job with Ommegang, hopefully the same holds true for Boulevard, kind of bummed to see a favorite Midwest Brewery sell to the Big Boy:( http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/18/business/belgian-brewery-buys-boulevard-a-us-craft-beer-maker.html?_r=1&
  4. duboman

    Gose-How Much Salt?

    So I put together my first Gose recipe and can't figure out how much salt. In my readings I have found amounts varying from as little as 1/2 tsp for a 5 gallon batch up to 12 grams per gallon. Mosher has a recipe in Radical brewing that calls for the least amount and Stan recommends the 12...
  5. duboman

    Thesis on Dry Hopping

    Thought I would post this scientific paper published in August from Oregon State University for all those interested in studies being done on the actual effects of dry hopping, pretty interesting stuff...
  6. duboman

    Middletown Ohio

    So lucky me and the family are headed to Middletown for the Thanksgiving holiday and I'm curious to know if there are any brew pubs, tap rooms or a great craft beer bar within a small drive. Any ideas are so very welcome....
  7. duboman

    November/December Zymurgy

    Thought I would plug the new Zymurgy, especially for new brewers. There are some great articles in this issue regarding Typical off flavors, proper use and pitching of yeast and how to properly taste and evaluate beer. If you are not a member of the AHA you can order a copy...
  8. duboman

    Holiday Ale Input

    Looking at preparing my holiday season ale. This will be my second iteration of this recipe revised after last year's somewhat successful batch. This recipe is a second attempt at something similar to the Anchor Steam Christmas Ale. Since their beer usually highlights the Northern Brewer Hops...
  9. duboman

    A little recipe input please

    Here is my recipe for an American Wheat I'm working on and would appreciate some input and I'm not shooting for style. I am looking for a nice Red color though, hence the name: Panama Red Wheat and the inclusion of Melanoiden Malt. My concern is the color I'm seeing in BeerSmith is not really...
  10. duboman

    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all the home brewing Dads out there, may it be a relaxing day of drinking your fine home brew! Cheers!
  11. duboman

    BeerSmith on Sale

    Hey all, just received an email that Beer Smith is on sale this weekend for Memorial day if any one has been putting off buying it. The sale ends May 29th. Cheers to All and Salute the Troops with a well made beer!:mug:
  12. duboman

    Lactose addition??

    His weekend I am brewing the AHA recipe of the month- Peaches and Cream Hefeweizen and it calls for an addition of lactose powder. The recipe calls for this to be added at the bottling in the bottling bucket. I am wondering if this needs to be sanitized or prepared in any way prior or can it...
  13. duboman

    10 ways to brew bad beer

    I'm subscribed to Brad Smith's (beersmith) blog and found this article entertaining but pertinent, thought I would share with many of the new brewers out there: Brewing to Lose: 10 Tips for Making Bad Beer Anyone who has visited the trophy wing of Chateau Smith inevitably asks the tour...
  14. duboman

    Looking for Recipe Input Please

    So my neighbor found this recipe in the last BYO in the article about brewing with honey and wants to brew it, just curious about some thoughts: American Blackberry Honey Wheat Batch size: 6.25 G (Original is 5G, scaled up for my system) Efficiency 75% 60 min boil pre-boil vol 8.97G Est...
  15. duboman

    Fermcap-S and Evaporation

    For my last 3 batches I have been using Fermcap to both control boil over and eliminate the need for a blow-off. My set up is using a 10 G boil kettle with ball valve to drain. It is a low, wide kettle, not a tall narrow. My pre-boil volume is 8.97G and my batch size into fermenter has...
  16. duboman

    All Rigged Up!

    All rigged up for a beautiful brew day!
  17. duboman

    Looking for input

    So I would like to brew a Dunkle but not necessarily to style, looking for a nice complex malt forward beer with a pleasant balance of mild spice/sweet hop balance and here is what I came up with: 6.25 Gallon Batch 2 liter starter of WY3068-stepped up 4lbs 8oz Munich(Durst) 4lbs .3oz...
  18. duboman

    How to save this yeast?

    So I just bottled up my German Hefeweizen that I used WY3068 for. I have a nice yeast cake sitting on the bottom of the bucket and would like to be able to save it for a future batch. After bottling, since we stirred up a bit of the yeast I sealed the primary back up after racking and placed it...