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    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    I'm in
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    tri clover fittings at scrap prices! interested???

    any 1/2" inch? If not what are you asking for the tri-clovers? Ed
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    My Brutus 9 1/2

    Hijack update, just got back from the welder after tacking the burner mounts and last few details. I will get a call from him this week with a total, it will only hurt a LOT!!! But after having messed up the cuts w/ a metal chopsaw, I didn't want to learn how to weld ss on this project. So it...
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    My Brutus 9 1/2

    Ok, so were making some progress. The stainless is cut, needs to be cleaned up some, damn chop saw. The burners are on their way. And I ordered 1 y8610u w/ a q345,looks like prices went up recently. So I still need 1 more y8610u and the pids,probes and a couple of ss tees and elbows. It should...
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    My Brutus 9 1/2

    Thanks for the replies, I am making mine out of stainless. I really appreciate the info here. I am not qualified to use a digital anything, nevermind trying to upload pics. Download yes, upload umm not so much. Ed
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    My Brutus 9 1/2

    OK , here is my first post. I have been lurking for a while now. And amassing my brutus 10 build parts. I thought that I had everything except that I am waiting for the out of stock hurricanes from NB. My plan was to go ng without any electronic controls for now, but I am re-thinking that...