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  1. ian

    Stout tap and beergas question

    Hey Guys, Last Sunday (Dec. 17) I kegged my first AG stout. Then on Friday (Dec 22) I put that Stout on beergas and hooked it up to a Guiness style stout tap. My problem is that even today (Dec 27) I still have none of the nitrogen type effect on the beer. What i mean is that its still flat and...
  2. ian

    Looking for Formulas: IBU, Extract amount from grain, etc.

    Anybody got some good sources. I have software but am wondering how all of this is calculated. I've seen some forumlas but nothing very in depth. So, anybody got any? Just curious how you guys designed your personal spreadsheet based recipe calculators Thanks! Ian
  3. ian

    A good problem to have

    So, I haven't brewed since mid September and was planning to brew this Sat (a Brown ale - first AG brown). But, my wife took some of my etched glasses by a friend's Kitchen Supply store this morning to see if she might want to carry them as merchandise (for those who don't know, I etch glassware...
  4. ian

    culturing yeast from a bottle conditioned beer?

    So, I'm reading this book on Belgian Ales and the author mentions that a brewer could take the yeast sediment from the bottom of a bottle conditioned beer and create a starter to "borrow" a specific breweries yeast if they desired. Now, I'm sure that this can be done - assuming the beer is...
  5. ian

    Just crazy enough to work?

    I was going to post this one in the "weird @$$ ideas" forum but I can't find it . . . So, I've got this kegerator project that I'm working on (I'll post pics later) and it got me thinking. If I've got a hole cut in the top of my chest freezer anyway, why not run a hose coming out of it to a...
  6. ian

    Good deal on 3 gallon kegs

    If I didn't have two already on the way I'd probably be buying these. Mine are from a different supplier but this is a good deal http://cgi.ebay.com/3-gallon-cornelius-soda-kegs-homebrew-beer-keg-QTY-2_W0QQitemZ290033305935QQihZ019QQcategoryZ38172QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  7. ian

    Plate chiller vs. counterflow

    I'm just curious if anyone feels strongly one way or the other. I'm just about sick of stirring my immersion cliller for 20 minutes after boil and am looking into one of the other two options. It seems that I can get either for around $70-$80 bought. I know I could make the counterflow easy...
  8. ian

    roasting/toasting malt to get different L ratings?

    Hey guys, I found an old thread that gives some good info on this. Here it is: http://homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=4205&highlight=toasting+color But, it doesn't give the L ratings for the roast/toast times. Does anyone have any of that?
  9. ian

    Raspberry what all grain recipe? Anyone?

    Hey Guys, Haven't posted in a while. Me and a couple of brew buddies are planning a "Novemberfest" and I was thinking of doing a Raspberry Wheat. Does anyone have a good All-grain Raspberry wheat recipe? Thanks, Ian
  10. ian

    All- Grain Hefe Recipe?? Anyone?

    I'm planning on brewing one this weekend for my wife's birthday. Anyone got a good All-Grain Hefe recipe??
  11. ian

    2.5 month old saved yeast - any good?

    So, I've got this saved 3rd generation White Labs California Ale Yeast in my fridge. This is just saved trub that I put into sterilized mason jars. I was planning on using it this weekend. I'm worried that its been in there too long, I guess the only way to find out is to make a starter and...
  12. ian

    How long is saved yeast trub good for?

    I've got some White Labs British Ale Yeast that I've saved from a batch from late January (January 26th to be exact) and I wonder if you all think it would still be any good? After racking the batch to secondary I left a bit in the carboy, swirled to get the trub in suspension then put it into...
  13. ian

    Early Beer recipe from South Carolina?

    Hey Everyone, I'm interested if anyone has/knows of a historical recipe from South Carolina. Actually, it doesn't even have to be from South Carolina, I'd be cool with anything from the Southeast US. I'm kind of a history buff and just began looking for a "South Carolina" beer recipe and...
  14. ian

    Electric Brewing

    I've been reading quite a lot about using electricity on various aspects of homebrewing and am quite interested. I've read on this board and a couple of others as well as quite a few sites found through general Google searches. I was wondering how many of you use electricity for some part of...
  15. ian

    Moron here . . .

    How do you start a freakin' poll????? :o :o
  16. ian

    My first REAL attempt at a label

    OK Guys, Here is my first real attempt at a label. I plan to use this as the general layout for my labels in the future. This is mostly hand drawn and scanned, then vectorized. The rest is hand drawn in Illustrator. Let me know what you think! Ian
  17. ian

    would this work for a chest freezer?

    This looks like a REALLY good deal instead of paying $50 for one. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-JOHNSON-CONTROLS-TEMPERATURE-CONTROL-A70GA-1C_W0QQitemZ7588429305QQcategoryZ50926QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem it retails for like $120
  18. ian

    Ice to cool wort

    for my first batch we used ice to chill the wort, two bags of it really. I felt that we cooled to quickly and have since used an immersion chiller on every batch. I'm also not completely confident in store bought bags of ice being as clean as I'd like. But, a buddy of mine recently used some...
  19. ian

    First All-Grain attempt this weekend!

    I'm going with a plain jane Pale-Ale and my setup pretty much copies this. Wish me luck! I'm pretty excited.
  20. ian

    possible contamination in secondary!

    Hey Guys, I've had my very black stout in secondary since last Wed and it has been completely still since I racked (no airlock activity, smooth clear surface on the beer). But just now I notice several little white circles of tiny tiny bubbles on the surface. I fear that I've got a mold or...