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  1. Beezer94

    Sweetwater Goin' Coastal IPA

  2. Beezer94

    Hop Extract

    It's not 5ml of oil. It's essentially hops without the vegetation. https://ychhops.com/hop-products/hop-resin It's likely not more than an ounce worth of hops in that 5ml.
  3. Beezer94

    new system water issues????

    I have made the switch to all distilled water and adding the minerals back, as this gives me more consistency. My water varies from 30 to 70 alkalinity from just one source and without having the exact days water I am brewing with tested I have no idea which way it is leaning. And my water can...
  4. Beezer94

    Question about your CO2 prices

    Thank you! I paid $28 last time I got filled and now my hydro-test is expired. Both make me get over having a nice shiny tank in favor of one that is cheap to exchange and not expired.
  5. Beezer94

    Question about your CO2 prices

    Where/what place if you don't mind?
  6. Beezer94

    Aged Hops in the Dirty North?

    http://www.yakimavalleyhops.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=HOPSLambicHops1 http://www.hopsdirect.com/choice-debittered-aged-hops-leaf/
  7. Beezer94

    Mitch Steele to Start New Brewery

    That is big news. Can only imagine there will be some delicious, hoppy brews, but if he has more freedom I'll be interested to see where it goes. Either way I'd bet money that there is about to me one more great brewery in this world.
  8. Beezer94

    Experimental Hop #6277 IPA

    It's officially named Denali now. Nice write up Pappers. I like reading these types of posts/blogs. Nice to have multiple perspectives on new varieties so when the rest of us try them we have some idea going in. I have a pound of these #06277/NuggetZilla/Denali in the freezer I keep meaning...
  9. Beezer94

    Blind Pig Clone version 2

    And to clarify the clarification it's the 'Brewing with Style- American IPA' show :mug: http://www.thebrewingnetwork.com/brewing-with-style-american-ipa/ Just for other's that see this post and want to find that
  10. Beezer94

    Pittsburgh/Western PA Group By #9+

    Just reminding myself to keep an eye out for group buy.
  11. Beezer94

    controlling mash souring using PH??

    They talk about kettle souring with Lactobacillus Brevis & Lactobacillus Delbrueckii and they stop the souring as soon as they get to pH 3.45. Basically it's mashed/lautered normal, brought to a boil briefly; then chilled to 110F to pitch lacto. They measure the pH and then bring it to boil to...
  12. Beezer94

    controlling mash souring using PH??

    Here's a good listen: http://www.thebrewingnetwork.com/the-session-creature-comforts-brewing-co/ They talk about brewing their Berliner-Weiss with kettle souring and boiling once they get a specific pH
  13. Beezer94

    BJCP 2015 Category Help- Whiskey Barrel Porter

    I would recommend the 33B. That's the whole point of 33B, a beer with specific alcohol flavors.
  14. Beezer94


    +1 75%+ attenuation is easy with 002/1968 if you let it warm up before it flocs. People report weird peach notes for US-05 when fermented in low 60's, could that be what your tasting?
  15. Beezer94

    Giveaway: Inkbird ITC-308S Thermostats with 2 DC sensor

    I'd love one! Thanks!
  16. Beezer94

    Ebay Hops beware

    I have gotten disappointing hops from a lot of places, but never from Hop Heaven. I have ordered hops from Hop Heaven on eBay for 3 years now and never been let down. The guy running Hop Heaven is selling many thousands of pounds of hops each year including to many breweries; it's not like...
  17. Beezer94

    Phosphoric acid drawbacks?

    It's just a safety thing. The 10% Phosphoric Acid sold by most homebrew shops is both safe and easy to use because of it's dillution. It's the 85+% stuff that is corrosive to skin/eyes if you are not careful (i.e. drinking while brewing or around pets/children).
  18. Beezer94

    "Dank" IPA recipe

    I brewed the Triple Rock - The Dankness a few years ago from 'Can You Brew It' on the Brewing Network and it was awesome. http://www.thebrewingnetwork.com/post1655/ At the time I had a lot of fruity, citrusy, floral and piney IPA's available and it worked perfectly on giving me something...
  19. Beezer94

    Recommendations for RO System

    The tap water you had tested could be used to brew any style as it's so low in minerals you could turn it into anything. I would check out your local water service and they should be able to tell you if you have a big change in TDS. Campden tablets for chlorine/chloramine (cheap and more...
  20. Beezer94

    Conan Yeast Experiences

    The first sign was "This yeast has proven to be great in IPAs." Since Magic Hat has never proven to make decent IPA's, I will deduce that whatever the source it's not them. ;)