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  1. J

    Fresh grain flavour

    Rye has a distinct note, if you’d like to experiment with that. A good 20% of your bill will do the trick.
  2. J

    Marzen tips

    Looks like you’ll achieve what your after. Don’t worry about the hops as not really supposed to be pronounced anyway. I may even give yours for a test run myself.
  3. J

    NEIPA final gravity

    You should ferment longer until gravity hits mid to lower 20’s. Also your hydrometer should say on it what temp it was calibrated at, usually 60 and it should include a correction chart so you can +/- Usually on a few points one way or the other
  4. J

    Sanity check - timing of diacetyl rest

    never mind I see it now, I’m leaving this board, if I needed corrected I would be talking with my wife
  5. J

    Sanity check - timing of diacetyl rest

    And you saw that referenced where?
  6. J

    Sanity check - timing of diacetyl rest

    In the future you may want to look into yeast profiles. I’ve been brewing for years and lately had a chance to update my equipment and added a chiller and two fermentors. Now I have full control of my brewing in that I can control the temp and keep it in optimum range. A diacetyl
  7. J

    Kettle Sour, Not Sour?

    I did a kettle sour a while back with a Flanders recipe. Turned out a bit too sour for me as PH was target at 3.2 I believe but didn’t start boil soon enough to kill of the bacteria. Anyway I used a Wyeast bacteria to sour and yes a pH devise is a lot nicer to use.
  8. J

    "Secondary" Fermentation/Conditioning Temperature

    You’re not over thinking it. You can develop certain yeast profiles in temperature control. Rule of thumb is 5days lower end of yeast temp, 5 days mid range and 3 days at top of temp range (good time to add most dry hopping) then cold crash for 2-3 days at dispensing temp. Enjoy
  9. J

    GF Conical

    Funny. That’s exactly what I did but without a large catch vessel 😕
  10. J

    GF Conical

    Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind. Funny thing, I was attempting to unclog in an unconventional way, that I won’t admit to, and it seems to have fixed it self. By the looks of the dump, the cake just broke up through the center, couple of quarts and cake chunks sludge and beer. Learned a lesson...
  11. J

    GF Conical

    First time using this system and I went to dump the yeast on the dual valve after 3 days (shoulda done sooner) but dump valve is clogged. Sample valve is yeasty, so guessing I got a good cake in the funnel. Any way to unclog or will I be siphoning to keg?