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    Recipe double check for a competition

    Just in case anyone was wondering, I did eventually brew both my original recipe and another following Malticulous' suggestion. I'll post back up when results are more apparent! First fermentations with temperature control...shiny!
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    Recipe double check for a competition

    Sorry for taking so long to reply :p That is quite a simpler recipe...but I have two concerns for it. 1. Is it going to dry out enough? 2. they're really pushing the toffee/chocolate; is there going to be enough of that in there? It does sound like a tasty beer, though. Maybe I'll...
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    Recipe double check for a competition

    Hey fellas-- A local brewpub is putting on a single-style, pseudo BJCP style competition. The desired style is an "American Dark Ale", detailed below: Now, one part plagues me in particular. They want a dry beer that is medium to full bodied and malt forward. So I as for feedback on...
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    advice on using chilis

    My advice is to not get into a "man-off" with your brew buddies while preparing the chilis...Trust me, habanaros hurt after a while.
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    How to Triple Hop a Miller Lite Clone!

    Lead the charge, sir!
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    How to Triple Hop a Miller Lite Clone!

    I've heard from more than one bjcp judge that the way they grade light american lagers is by the flavor. Or, more accurately, the absence of it. Thus, the winners art the ones with the least amount of flavor. Kinda sad, really.
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    Alternative hops for hefe?

    Thanks a bunch fellas, I'll go with NB then, and report back later :D.
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    Distilled hops vs. dry-hopping?

    Hmmm, I'm cautious to believe this--most everything I've heard on the distilling side of things screams "Don't distill beer! The hops make it taste like burnt rubber!" Of course, this could possibly be due to the interactions with the hop compounds and alcohol, which would mean that perhaps...
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    Alternative hops for hefe?

    So with the recent heat wave that hit a couple days ago, I've been thinking it's about time to brew up a hefe. Looking around the place, I find 2 row, wheat malt, and crystal 40. Looking in the back of the fridge, I noticed a couple bottles of washed hefe yeast from a prior season, which is...
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    Looking for simple Amber suggestions...

    If you like the Bells amber, and want to go for a match, you could use Centennial hops, which are used pretty exclusively in their beers iirc. Good stuff! It's amazing what a nice Single Malt and Single Hop recipe can do! My best beer was a blonde SMaSH, but now you've got me thinking it's...
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    whats the craziest thing you've ever looked at and said "yeah, I could ferment that"?

    I actually have some orange wine ready for bottling... Just OJ and some concentrate. None of this honey nonsense :D. But really, even though it's a very established beverage with centuries of history, sake is still a pretty messed up concoction. I mean, seriously, you culture a fungus on...
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    Spruce Tips are Popping...Do I Dare???

    I just dropped a message on the LHBC email list asking if anyone had a write up of the process. I'll check my email as frequently as possible and try to post any response up for you tomorrow, if you're interested. And yeah, BM, you are an animal! :D EDIT: and the responses begin trickling in...
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    Spruce beer?

    Dude, if you're in the Ann Arbor area, join the club! Ann Arbor Brewer's Guild is one of the older and prestigious clubs in the area; the amount of knowledge you'll find there is simply astounding. Case in point: Several of the brewers there have made many batches of spruce beer (and I'm...
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    Spruce Tips are Popping...Do I Dare???

    One of my LHBC members is huge into the "authentic old-style beer" stuff, and has made many a batch of spruce beer. Their best success was a demonstration brew at a local Renaissance festival. They lined the bottom of a wooden keg with pine boughs to use as a mash tun, which apparently worked...
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    Cocktail Liquors

    While many might consider this "swill bait," I'll answer as best I can :p. Even distillers avoid the turbo yeasts, as the darn things produe a foul brew (as you mentioned). Your best bet is either with a champagne yeast or a liquid "super high gravity" from WLP, fed over time. Keep the OG...
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    Stout Recipe Check

    Well, I've tasted one myself. It's a certain dominant commercial dry Irish stout that absolutely everyone is familiar with. And admittedly, I made just about everything go wrong with my last stout, and circumstances had it ferment super dry. But then I added a bit of maltodextrine to it...
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    Stout Recipe Check

    Generally agreed with CBBaron. It's almost impossible to make a "bad" stout. Dry stouts, sweet stouts, big stouts, Russian Imperial Stouts...They're all delicious :D. Most of the recipes posted so par would turn out delicious. I've done everything from a 3 grain partial mash to a 8 grain...
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    Fantasy Ales and Beers

    I really wish I could think of a drink popular in the Wheel of Time, but they all seemed content with mulled wine and tea. I do seem to recall the lad's father's apple brandy being mentioned as delicious, though :p. Well, after finding a few neato search functions, I found a few interesting...
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    first belgian recipie & sugar question

    If it's just a syrup you want, it'll only take you a half hour or so to make your own. Heat 2 cups water. Add 2 cups sugar (about a pound). Add juice of 1 lemon or equivalent acid blend. Stir well for 1/2 hr. Add to boil pot! Simpler than pie. Getting it to form up into rocks has been a...
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    Klingon Blood Ale....?

    Hmm, I'm no expert in the matter, but let's see what I can remember from high school chemistry... Rust is ferrous oxide, or ferric oxide. That makes it a FeO or Fe2O3 compound. If memory serves correctly, that should be a ionic (not covalent) compound, and as a result dissolves into water...