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    Punk Rock and Hardcore

    Anyone catch that Misfits reunion live? I was pretty excited watching on Periscope, love them.
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    Love the Milligan character, it's played well. The butcher was in Breaking Bad too I believe?
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    Niagara Falls

    Goat Island on the American side.
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    liver health and homebrewing

    Sure did, I went from close to 60 on my ALT to 35 after three months.
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    liver health and homebrewing

    A suppliment that helped to lower my liver enzymes: Milk thistle
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    Better Call Saul

    I did not enjoy the finale, the bingo scene was awkward. How long do we have to wait for the next season to begin? Autumn maybe?
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    Better Call Saul

    I wish someone would have done this with the Sopranos.
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    Better Call Saul

    I'm enjoying the show but Im pretty sure calling people "douche" wasn't a common insult in 2002. It bothers me a bit.
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    I just sent this email to Similac

    As long as you don't sit when you pee
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    Things about your co-workers that annoy you

    The only time I'm around co-workers is at lunch. The following things drive me bananas... 1)Coffee slurpers 2)Apple crunchers 3)People that scrape the sh--- out of their little plastic yogurt container with their spoon.
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    Punk Rock and Hardcore

    CIV:Set your goals, it's always been a summer staple for me. Mowing the lawn, or out for a night run. Love that record...
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    Punk Rock and Hardcore

    ^Love Stay Asleep, good selection!
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    Punk Rock and Hardcore

    I've been really into Civil War by D4 lately. Unfortunately, they opened for NOFX a few years ago and I couldn't give a sheet about them, I was sucking beer at the bar. Today, I would have much rather watched them than NOFX. NOFX hasn't made anything good since So Long...
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    WTF they just cut away in the last 30 seconds of an NFL game

    I was luckily at the game, thinking "how many things can I be doing at home right now" at halftime. I'm glad I stuck it out! *Off topic: kayaBrew3271111- Respectfully, do you really consider yourself a Wester New Yorker? I'm pretty sure you are in the center of the state.
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    my neice's High school prom....

    They have the prom in the first week of school? She should really wear it.
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    Whats your commute time?

    16 miles and 25-30 minutes, from Lake View to downtown Buffalo.
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    Terribly underrated bands that never got their dues

    Funny you mention them, I had their Gold record on over the weekend and my wife comes out and asks, "who's this?" and "can you play that song again" Lean on Sheena was the song.
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    Terribly underrated bands that never got their dues

    Alkaline Trio, at least their earlier stuff.
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    Well Played, AHS...

    I might buy from them exclusively after this!
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    US reported Osama has been killed

    They should roll his decaying body to every airport in the country, so every time you have to strip half naked, get patted and stand in long lines, your reward is to kick his rotting corpse. After the airport tour, leave him at ground zero for everyone who lost a loved one there can get a crack...