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    Best 12oz bottle for bottling?

    BigK, you mind posting a shot of that capper in action? I for the life of me can't figure out how it works from the pic on the HBS, and the curiosity is killing me. I've been looking for a combo capper/corker for a while now, and if it does the job well..... :D Personally, the best bottles...
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    $100 Mini Chest Freezer

    I picked one up a week or two ago. Holds two with ease; just another inch and it would have held 4 without a collar. As it is, with a nice big collar I think it would hold 4. Certainly 3, at least. Pretty decent build quality, but the compressor cycles at least once every 30 minutes.
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    lowe's holiday brand chest freezer cornversion

    x3. When the gas gets into the keg, it cools down and shrinks, pulling more gas in, until an equalibrium is reached, at the same point as if the tank was inside.
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    Is this a good price?

    All very true, but you can close the valve on your tank to isolate the regulator from it. If your pressure drops on the high side considerably, then you have a leak :D. It's harder to see on a secondary-side gauge, as we usually keep them at under 10 PSI, if you have a gauge that reads higher...
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    Air tanks

    IIRC O2 and CO2 are at totally different pressures as well. CO2 can get up to 800PSI on a hot day, but I'm pretty sure O2 is stored at more like 40PSI. At least those little red tanks are. So even if you could find someone to do it, you'd probably not want to ;). But O2 tanks are worth a...
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    The Amazing, new speed bottling technique

    Yeah, but at that price a keg is cheaper :p.
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    free kegerator being given away

    I'll uhhh, use it to give beer away to starving children in third world countries? Wait, that didn't come out quite right...
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    A short rant.

    Here's how I rolled: CO2 tank, ~$50 shipped (ebay ftw! I made a thread about the supplier a while ago) Regulator: $25 out of HBT classifieds 4 cornies from Adventures in Homebrewing: $80 plastic quick disconnects: $3 each x 6 = 18 beverage line: $.50 x 30 ft = $15 air line: $.29 x 10 ft = $3...
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    Keggin' Root Beer

    Thanks for the reply, drunkensaytr; I'll just keep running water through it then and see if that helps. Johnsma; I certainly hope I didn't add to your irate attitude; I have taken all that you have said to heart, and I don't think I've done anything to upset you.
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    Keggin' Root Beer

    Heh, the funny thing is I thought I was doing it right. :mad: I still agree that right is better done first. FWIW I do get a really nice pour off of it... I just called them up and they said that it's USDA approved line, and it that doesn't qualify as acceptable then I'm not sure what does...
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    Keggin' Root Beer

    Good point. I'll have them on there shortly. Right now a bigger concern of mine is that the tubing imparts a plasticy taste to the liquid running through it. I had a spare corny filled with PBW solution, so I flushed that through the line, and then a couple gallons of Starsan as well...but I...
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    Keggin' Root Beer

    A good recommendation indeed! I'm not too worried, as I did give each end a test pull before re-pressurizing the keg, and going at about 3/4 full strength I couldn't pull it off. I think it's because pulling on it streches the tubing around the barb, which then tightens it further. But I do...
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    Keggin' Root Beer

    Here you go! Sorry, but it was a pain getting the tubing onto the barbs, so I'm not gonna take it off ;). My Ace may be a special one; I think they're nationally ranked or something. Also please excuse [email protected] cell phone pic.
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    Keggin' Root Beer

    Ok, just got back from my local Ace Hardware, and I now officially love this place. They had 5/8" SS washers (for MLT) and 3/16 thick walled tubing. At very reasonable prices to boot; cost less than $5 for all of the tubing. As of now, all of my hardware shopping will be done through them; I...
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    Keggin' Root Beer

    Hmmm, yeah I've pretty much decided that I need more cornies. Now it's just a matter of waiting for a good deal to come along... I'll head of to HD or Lowes shortly; I'll chime in later on as to whether they have any good tubing.
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    Kegerator supplies?

    But those are just distributors, not regulators. Check out item #36807 at http://www.sciplus.com/category.cfm/subsection/20; they can be a little old and musty, but they are honest-to-goodness secondary regulators and allow you to customize the size or your manifold. Toss in a few gauges and...
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    what's this CO2 equip worth?

    Unless a bottle's really been tampered with/neglected, chances are it'll pass test. Or so I've been told by my local filler.
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    Keggin' Root Beer

    Oh yes, I'm well aware of the "dangers" of root beer (I spend waaay too much time reading threads here :p). Anything rubber and or plastic that it touches will henceforth be dedicated to RB. I may need to use the corney for beer, but I will swap out the o-rings and keep them separate in a...
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    what's this CO2 equip worth?

    Tank: $~50-60 each Regulator: ~$50 Already sounds like a winner!
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    Keggin' Root Beer

    Good point on a splice not being a good idea...Once again reality and my laziness are in perfect alignment! (Or is that for once? :D) I guess then it's another run to the LHBS. At least the tubing's only $.29/ ft., so even 35 ft would only run ~$10. And I completely agree, it's always...