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    Pumpkin Pie Spice Ale

    I've added things to a carbonated keg in the past. Just try to gently add a spice tea, don't just dump it in.
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    Grapefruit Juice in Beer

    I did I grapefruit session IPA that turned out surprisingly better than I had expected. I didn't dry hop but hit it hard with the flameout additions. After fermentation, I sprayed two large grapefruits with starsan and zested them, no white, just peel. I "dry hopped" for two days, I recommend...
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    Belma Hops

    Made an American Wheat with several late hop additions and a three ounce dry hop. While it does provide a snappy bitterness, I found it to be an unremarkable hop overall. Some fruit but no strawberry and very little citrus.
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    Hops That Blend With Columbus

    I've used, and loved both as a single hop but the two together (2 oz each dry hopped) create an aroma of tropical goodness I've never been able to duplicate with any other combo. I'm telling you, it's impressive.
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    Hops That Blend With Columbus

    Mosaic and Columbus create a synergy that defies logic.
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    Christianity and home brewing

    Non practicing Catholic here. Didn't Jesus turn water into wine? Follow in his footsteps…
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    Pumpking clone-Getting graham cracker flavor

    Don't use graham cracker extract, that's not it.
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    SouthernTier Pumking on Nitro this year....

    Care to share your recipe?
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    Are there any hops you actually dislike?

    Something about the combo of Bravo/Cluster. The only beer that I've ever wanted to dump.
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    Can someone please tell me what this is!!

    I had the same problem with my kölsch, I racked below the skin and it tasted fine.
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    White house beer

    Outsourcing hops now I see...
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    There is enough yeast left to carbonate in the bottle, there should be no problems.
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    Hop Union Hops fresher than others????

    They also state on their website that their hops are good for 3-4 years when stored properly. http://www.hopunion.com/1024_FAQ.cfm?p10=open#12
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    AHS Alaskan Amber Kit

    Here is why I'm so interested… My neighbor and his father went fly fishing in Alaska a couple of months ago. His father (A Genesse man) fell in love with the Amber. My neighbor had a case shipped to his house to give to his father as a Christmas gift. $150 later I told him, I can do two...
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    AHS Alaskan Amber Kit

    Ok, two weeks later, how did it turn out?
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    AHS Alaskan Amber Kit

    Seattleducati, how did it turn out?
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    Home brew boil odor

    I brew outside so I can get some alone time.
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    Austin Buffalo....Coincidence?

    That could be the greatest thing I have ever seen.
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    Beer brewed in July still not carbonated

    I wonder if the molasses is cacked on the bottom of the bottle. Have you swirled the bottles since bottling day?