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  1. kegtoe

    Off Flavor from kegged beer - Beverage lines?

    Thanks Mike. I'm checking this out now.
  2. kegtoe

    Help with Hop utilization and IBU calcs

    I always seem to be missing hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma. My typical set up is a "hop spider" made with a stainless mesh cylinder from Utah Biodiesel. All grain beers. typically start with 7.5 to 8 gals wort to finish with 6.0 to 6.5 gal into fermenter. My last IPA I had 8 ounces during...
  3. kegtoe

    Off Flavor from kegged beer - Beverage lines?

    I have been having issues from off flavors in my kegged beers. I think it is in my beverage lines. I back flush and recirc BLC through my beverage lines between each keg. How often are folks changing their beer lines on their Kegerators/Keezers? What is a good brand of tubing that doesn't have...
  4. kegtoe

    35L Fermenter Package Giveaway! from Keg King

    IM IN!!! if its not too late
  5. kegtoe

    Wisconsin Stainless Single Tier Brew Stand

    Reduced. $1,100 OBO. PM me with any questions.
  6. kegtoe

    Wisconsin Stainless Single Tier Brew Stand

    With pots
  7. kegtoe

    Wisconsin Stainless Single Tier Brew Stand

    More photos
  8. kegtoe

    Wisconsin Stainless Single Tier Brew Stand

    Stainless Steel Brew Stand. Single tier. 3 jet burners with pilot lights. Gas manifold. Rolling casters. 2 March 809 pumps with sight glasses and drains. 2 - 15 gallon pots. 1 has a sight glass. 1 has a false bottom. 0-30 PSI propane regulator. HEAVY DUTY. This thing gets very hot, very fast...
  9. kegtoe

    Win a Spike Brewing CF5 Conical Unitank!

    Thanks Spike!
  10. kegtoe

    Ss Brewtech Huge Giveaway - 7 Gallon Unitank + Sspunding Valve

    Wow. That's great. Thanks, I'm in.
  11. kegtoe

    Flavoring Questions for Cider

    You can treat your cider like a wine to stop yeast activity with potassium/sodium metabisulfate and sorbate, then add fruit/juice. Those extract bottles have some pretty bad flavors with them I'd stick with juices, concentrates, and real fruit extracts.
  12. kegtoe

    Bar / Tap Sign

    Ok here it is with Poly and some Paint my wife helped me with. Then, "conditioned" with chalk.
  13. kegtoe

    Bar / Tap Sign

    I should have checked Michaels. Ughhh, good call. What's RaspberryPints?
  14. kegtoe

    Bar / Tap Sign

    Here is mine. Freshly done.
  15. kegtoe

    Bar / Tap Sign

    Anyone have any examples of DIY signs (Chalkboard or whiteboard) that they made to display what beers they have on tap? Any one order a custom sign? I'm looking to Buy/build a custom sign with wood boarders and maybe some permanent printing, and space to list beers on tap.
  16. kegtoe

    Minnesota Custom BIAB, and misc for sale, Spring Cleanout!

    Interested in the raspberry pi set up.
  17. kegtoe

    Wisconsin Selling Grainfather and other stuff - Wisconsin

    Do you have pics of the brew bucket? How firm on the price are you?
  18. kegtoe

    New Keezer, BAD flavor, carbonic acid?

    Bthomp, any resolution to this? I fear I may be in the same situation.