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    is there a way of adding more bitterness to a finished beer?

    The tea method works well with an inverted Aeropress too if you only need a small amount.
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    A homemade yogurt thread

    I have found I like to seed with cheap unflavored yogurt. I tried using the fancy multi culture types and didn't like the taste. Since I am somewhat lactose intolerant, I also drain my yogurt for about 6-8 hours with an overpriced stainless mesh filter to make greek yogurt. It actually comes out...
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    Do you like your beer better?

    What are you referring to with temp control on the hot side?
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    Individual Bottle Priming Instructions with Cane Sugar

    I have been doing the sucrose solution and syringe method out of concern for contamination. Lately I have been making a sweet hop tea in my inverted Aeropress such that each 500 ml bottle gets 10 ml. I just heat water to 180 in electric kettle and pour over weighed sugar and hop pellets and let...
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    Malting questions

    I am interested in trying this, but need to know where I can find good source of suitable barley. I think popcorn can be malted and the sweater screen method looks like a good approach.
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    Adding gypsum

    My only experience with using chalk was for a sugar wash. It is generally insoluble in water but will dissolve in carbonated water. So it acted as a pH buffer dissolving in as the yeast became active and stabilizing the pH at around 4. Sugar washes tend to stall if the pH drops below 3, which...
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    Bottle bombs everywhere and not a drop to drink

    Sorry to hear about the bottle bombs, I too use ez cap 500 ml bottles. Thankfully you learned a difficult lesson without getting injured. I was also just looking at those particular replacement seals on Amazon, so thanks for the feedback. My last mini batch of SMaSH ale had about 25% leaking...
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    Ugh :(

    I am guessing that since the stopper fell in easily, it will come out fairly easily using that awesome bag technique. My guess is that you probably sanitized the stopper before placing it, so your chance of infection is relatively small. It's amazing what can be learned in these forums and how...
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    sprinke or re-hydrate

    Interestingly, the horrible quality of the dry yeast in the 80's, early 90's is what drove the liquid yeast market to thrive with it's lab grade yeast. Then with all of the attention to yeast quality, it seems to have come back around with the emergence of very high quality affordable dry yeast...
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    Keg King Brewing & Dispensing Equipment Headed Stateside in Early 2020!

    Very interested in the KK jr, any updates on US availability?
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    Spunding mistake, oxidized wort?

    If you take a look at some DrHans videos, he ferments at 35 psi without issue and the carbonation level is at 2.5 volumes at room temp. The only thing holding me back is temp control, so time to try out that Omega Yeast Lutra Kveik.
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    Tell me about pH meters

    Given your extensive experience with this topic, if starting with distilled water and adding the appropriate salts and acidulated malt additions, how close would you say the typical calculated mash pH is to the measured pH? I assume the main variable is the malt, but I would like to avoid buying...
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    Spunding mistake, oxidized wort?

    Having worked in a microbiology lab in college (not trained in the science), I am leery about contamination having seen some really wicked stuff grow in less than sterile medium that wasn't autoclaved correctly. I won't even risk dry hopping, I use hop tea made in my aeropress with 180 degree...
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    sprinke or re-hydrate

    I have always just sprinkled directly, but I buy fresh yeast for each batch. If it has been sitting in the fridge for a year, I would be tempted to make a starter and then taste the starter before pitching. I think it is a bit of a myth that you lose half the cells direct pitching or that it...
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    brown scratches on stainless

    Just read the article on passivation and pickling in the wiki, very informative and helpful. I am kind of stunned on how much misinformation there is out there on Youtube. Thanks for the education!
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    brown scratches on stainless

    You can also use Star San (phosphoric acid based) at 4X normal strength, but the 4-10% citric acid solution will be less expensive. I use citric to descale my espresso machine and it is much more active when it is hot. So you can fill your brewing system with the solution and heat to mashing...