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  1. FromZwolle

    Winter/holiday beer brew siggestions

    i'll have to try that if i come across it. reveloution's beers tend to be mild flavored, but they're generally well brewed.
  2. FromZwolle

    UPS shipping - Damage claims

    shipping some ups is what i call dropping a deuce. what can brown do for you?
  3. FromZwolle

    hops from the forest, gonna brew a very simple beer to dryhop and see if they're any good.

    i've brewed with wild hops just one time. incredible grapefruit aroma in the boil, but once it was kegged up, not a trace of hop aroma or flavor. use as much as you can!
  4. FromZwolle

    Dissolved CO2 Question

    it's much easier to slightly overcarb and remove it by pouring quickly than it is to open, re-prime and recap a bunch of bottles.
  5. FromZwolle

    Worried this may be infected. Any advice?

    if you're real curious, you can get/make a gasket and use some clear plastic or glass as a lid. until then, keep your mitts off it and keep the lid on until you're ready to bottle or keg! :mug:
  6. FromZwolle

    Winter/holiday beer brew siggestions

    i don't have experience with it, but northern brewer hops are said to have a mint edge to them as well.
  7. FromZwolle

    Winter/holiday beer brew siggestions

    glacier has a bit of a cool spearmint vibe to it, would play nice with spruce.
  8. FromZwolle

    what grains should I stock in my grain room?

    skip the 2 row and go ahead and cheap out on the british base malt. unless you're going to brew a lot of wheats, you can get 10 pound sacks online for reasonable shipping. add vienna malt and light munich and you're good for just about anything. So: english pale malt pils vienna munich i...
  9. FromZwolle

    Cotswold Pub Cheese

    it's got a sneaky name, you'll never guess it.
  10. FromZwolle

    Let's put lipstick on a pig

    well then, i'd sub out half of the chocolate malt for pale chocolate, add 1/2 pound either caravienne or caramunich, and 1/4-1/2 # dark brown sugar or piloncillo. chuck in a few vanilla beans as well. if you're looking to get crazy, you can toss in some coconut extract and a splash of rum at...
  11. FromZwolle

    Let's put lipstick on a pig

    are you looking to keep it steeping grains only or are you open to a mini-mash?
  12. FromZwolle

    Is this an infection I’m so confused

    never had one, but i think it's just chocolate milk and seltzer water.
  13. FromZwolle

    Is this an infection I’m so confused

    the fat is from emulsified oils and will certainly kill head retention. The first picture looks a lot like a chocolate egg creme, which would make sense if the cocoa powder had powdered dairy and/or whey in it. https://www.godairyfree.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Chocolate-Egg-Cream-pin.jpg
  14. FromZwolle

    Cotswold Pub Cheese

    it's commonly called gel time or clean break test, but some curd nerds just have to show off...😋
  15. FromZwolle

    Back from hiatus - should I keep my old grain or toss it?

    might take a little longer than normal for conversion, but you should be alright. stick to a style with a bit of character (lots of roast or toffee or hops) and i doubt you'll be able to taste anything off even if you're really looking for it.
  16. FromZwolle

    What Towels Are You Using?

    I bought a few cheap painters drop cloths a while back that had a sorbent side with a plastic backing. They might work pretty well for this. They'd have to get trashed after any significant spill, but the plastic should help contain seepage.
  17. FromZwolle

    Onion beer

    https://www.homebrewtalk.com/threads/onion-wine.134508/ https://www.homebrewtalk.com/threads/onion-beer.317360/ i seem to remember at least one other thread where someone mentioned their nona making onion wine as a curative, but i can't find it.
  18. FromZwolle

    Bottle Cost

  19. FromZwolle

    Feed the fermentation when dry hopping in a carboy?

    that said, you can for sure add more fermentables, but the character of the dry hop should change a bit due to the biotransformation that actively fermenting yeast will give.
  20. FromZwolle

    Feed the fermentation when dry hopping in a carboy?

    dry hop in the keg. then you can easily taste the level (with carbed beer) and remove them when you're happy.