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  1. martiniw2olives

    Costco/Kirkland brand craft beer

    Yes agree, I am sure they are very efficient in their processing for yielding large amounts of beer at a lower cost. Craft beer steps away from that model and focuses beer quality. I am no beer snob and enjoy a nice cold Bud on a hot summer day. Roger that on the American Light Lager.
  2. martiniw2olives

    Costco/Kirkland brand craft beer

    The pressure to put product on the shelf at cost leads to short cuts and BMC brewing techniques. I wouldn't get too excited.
  3. martiniw2olives

    10 gallon igloo

    And buy a false bottom, you won't regret.
  4. martiniw2olives

    Avocado beer

    here is an idea. Throw some jalapenos in the late boil and dry hop with cilantro. You might be onto something.
  5. martiniw2olives

    What's the beer you keep brewing over and over again?

    I have come very close, but even my misses tend to be great great beer as well. Always a win to me.
  6. martiniw2olives

    Closed transfer from SS Brewtech BME Chronical

    I have the same capability in my Brewha 3-1 system that I never use. Seems like a lot of extra effort for little gain. Keep in mind also that you need to fill the keg on a scale to determine how much beer volume has been transferred. I mean it's cool and everything, but I guess I'm too lazy to...
  7. martiniw2olives


    This is normal. Strike temp is always higher than mash. If your recirculating under temp each system will have a somewhat different strike temp. My system happens to be 4 degrees F.
  8. martiniw2olives

    Where did I go wrong?

    Maybe the crush was bad
  9. martiniw2olives

    Where did I go wrong?

    Did you do a SG reading when the wort was hot? I plugged your grain bill into BeerSmith and it says your OG should be around 1.038 with the extra .25 gallon. I assumed you mashed at 152-155 for an hour.
  10. martiniw2olives

    Thinking about getting a Grainfather...

    This is what I use. It's more expensive than grainfather, but you won't grow out of it. Good luck with what ever you chose. https://brewhaequipment.com/products/biac-all-in-one-brewing-system-package
  11. martiniw2olives

    THAT GUY at the brewery tour.

    I try hard not to be that guy. Seems like every hipster with a beard and knit cap are "hop experts" now. If I have questions I will try to have a quiet one on one with the brewer. There is one place I enjoy going to occasionally where they know I home brew, and I bring my beer in for them to...
  12. martiniw2olives

    New to brewing

    This is what I had used for years, gets the job done even with big beers. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WW8Q6DI/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20
  13. martiniw2olives

    Treehouse Brewing Julius Clone

    Here is my take at 6.5 gallons: Grain 2 row 13.25 lbs Flakes oats 3.5 lbs Dextrine 1.25 lbs Caramunich 6 oz lbs Hops Columbus 1 oz 60 min Citra .5 oz 60 min Simcoe 2 oz 5 min Amarillo 4 oz 0 min Citra 2 oz 0 min Amarillo 2 oz dry Citra 2 oz dry
  14. martiniw2olives

    US-05 Very High Attenuation, 85%++

    Is the crush any different?
  15. martiniw2olives

    It's my birthday !! Who'll buy me a beer ?

    Happy Birthday my friend!
  16. martiniw2olives

    Dry hopping with pellet hops?

    Go commando, let the hops be free to dance and play.
  17. martiniw2olives

    New post a picture of your pint

    I need to make that, recipe? :)
  18. martiniw2olives

    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    I think Brewdude is having fun with this community