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  1. clearwaterbrewer

    WiFi power sockets for brewery controllers

    Is there a list of brands and models of wifi power sockets/strips out there that will accept http commands or otherwise can be directly controlled from a script, without having to use a hub or the cloud?
  2. clearwaterbrewer

    Automated Distilling Controller

    I am a homebrewer happens to have opened a legit distillery, I have used the following controllers in both environment: BCS-462 Pro: One stop shop 8 temp sensors many programs and steps per program web interface Con: End of Sale no RTD no analog out (4-20mA) which is great for controlling...
  3. clearwaterbrewer

    BCS-462 wanted

    If you have a BCS-462 laying around that you are not using, I am looking for a spare, since I use mine in production. -mike
  4. clearwaterbrewer

    panel for 5 ripple elements 24,750W of power...

    50A 3-phase feeding 3 5500W elements in a Delta configuration, and phase C, the 208V-to-neutral high-leg of the three phase, has a 30A circuit to each of the other two elements, 4125W each... total of almost 25KW of power... The panel has no other electronics in it, the local inspector...
  5. clearwaterbrewer

    BCS system pretty much dialed in...

    will post some more pics after I do a few tweaks and clean things, but most of the trial and error changes seem to be in the past... happy with the BCS, it is not perfect, but price for capability, web control, and logging make it more than worth the money.. 4-hour Brew day: open main...
  6. clearwaterbrewer

    NPS adatper dimension needed

    I am doing something one-off, and wanted to know if someone had a Brewers Hardware NPS adapter they could give me some measurements off of. I need the outer tube diameter (Looks like 2"(51mm), is it a little more or a little less?) I need the diameter of the threaded part on the threaded cap...
  7. clearwaterbrewer

    Control panel cooling/ventilation fan

    Wanting to cool my control panel. I was thinking of starting with this for $24: "80mm, 120v Fan, Filter and Thermostat Cord" https://www.gardteconline.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=372 I am thinking of having it suck from the one side near the bottom, and then...
  8. clearwaterbrewer

    DIY themowell from 1/4" tube

    I have made some 1/4" thermowells from tubing I got from grainger..http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/Tubing-3ADU9 I used a hacksaw to cut 4 angled notches in the tip and bend over into a round shape, TIG shut, and grind/polish smooth.. not happy with the time taken to make them and with the...
  9. clearwaterbrewer

    Three PID - SSR powered elements on one 240V - 30A circuit..

    I knew that would get some folks attention.... :-) OK, what if we use logic based 'priority' to only send power to one element at a time... in my system, with a 50A breaker and cord, I did not see many times when 2 4500W elements were on at one time.. only when heating strike water or...
  10. clearwaterbrewer

    Circuit Bee

    saw this Circuit Bee thing and thought I would share.. might be a neat way to share schematics.. ‣ About Us The story... CircuitBee is the product of a small two man team who set out to solve a big problem. We love making electronics projects, we've not worked on many but...
  11. clearwaterbrewer

    best practice for selector switch colors?

    I am getting ready to buy my 3-position illuminated hand-off-auto switches for my BCS control panel, looking at automation direct... will start with ones for HLT heater, BK heater, RIMS heater, and 2 pumps yellow is the cheapest, any reason other than aesthetics I would want to conform to a...
  12. clearwaterbrewer

    Economical and correct receptacles-plugs for 240V 50A

    I am thinking of putting in a service receptacle to feed a brew system controller with 2 4500W 240V elements running simultaneously, and also supplying small amount of 120Vac.. L6-30 is great (Yeah, I know, 30A), because it comes in a recessed receptacle form to do the power-in on brew...
  13. clearwaterbrewer

    Budget RIMS tube..

    4500w element - free takeoff of neighbors water heater on curb 1" half coupling - $2 KLG Stainless 1" long ferrule - $2 KLG Stainless 1.5" short ferrule - $2 KLG Stainless tube - free - is section of old handrail cord is old jumper cords with rusted clamps that someone left at house.. Welding...