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  1. chigundo

    Connecticut Blichmann TopTier burners

    Two available: with legs $125. Without: $100. West Hartford, CT
  2. chigundo

    Connecticut Grainfather conical $550

    Never opened conical with the digital temp and dual valve. I impulsed bought this and changed my mind. Cheaper to sell for what I paid than return shipping.
  3. chigundo

    Connecticut Blichmann ToP has module & burner

    $500 pickup
  4. chigundo

    Blichmann Tower of Power (gas)

    ToP gas module. $475 Works great, just little scratch and dent on one side from a shipping mishap. Nothing s sticker won't hide. Or if you get another one for HLT that hides it too. (Comes with HLT sticker as well if you want to use it for that instead of mash). Simply selling because it doesn't...
  5. chigundo

    Boil-0ff rate

    I recently brewed a lager and did a very vigorous boil for 90 minutes but my boil-off was 3 gallons...that's 2 gallons an hour. Seems insanely high. Is this just something I need to factor in next time or did I boil too hard?
  6. chigundo

    Connecticut 10g cooler mash tun

    Stainless false bottom Stainless 1/2" ball valve Stainless 1/2" hose barb $150 obo
  7. chigundo

    First time pump user-tips?

    Brewing this weekend and need some advice on the pump usage. Going to pump from mash to kettle. I know I'm supposed to control pump flow from the ballvalve on the pump, but how do I open up the mash ballvalve all the way without causing a stick mash?
  8. chigundo

    Bru-Gear people

    What are you using for wort chiller? I have the 15g kettle and that thermowell is too long to fit a 12" diameter immersion wort chiller. I'm in the market for new chiller with recirc arm.
  9. chigundo

    Maintaining HLT temp

    When using gas burner (propane, perhaps blichmann), and a keg as HLT, how often does one need to turn on the burner over the course of a sparge to keep it approx 170? Do you just keep it on low? Or do you have to turn it on and off several times? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  10. chigundo

    Quick disconnect compatibility

    If I get some female quick disconnects from Northern Brewer, would they be compatible with male QD's from..say..Midwest supplies? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  11. chigundo

    Rims tube for sparge

    I have a 10 gallon igloo and a 15 gallon BK and blichmann burner. (And another 7 gallon pot I use to heat up and transfer water). I want to be able to hit my mash temp more consistently, and I know a rims will help with that. However, is it possible to sparge with the rims as well? Will a 120v...
  12. chigundo

    CF chiller & blichmann legs

    Anyone ever attach a CF chiller to blichmanns leg extensions for their floor burner?
  13. chigundo

    8" drip tray

    Looking for an 8" stainless drip tray that's wall mountable for my keezer. Do these exist? I spaced my taps at 3.5" and I have 3. 8" would be ideal but all I've seen are 6", 7", and 10"+
  14. chigundo

    Adding extract to a crappy beer

    I am not at all impressed with my final product with this rogue IPA kit I had. It's boring and bland, but I feel it's a base for some extract flavoring. It's in a keg. Can I just open it up and toss in a jar of blueberry extract?
  15. chigundo

    4 week recipe? Ipa?

    Anyone have any luck with a recipe (perhaps IpA) that's ready to drink in 4 weeks? Im all-grain and kegging.
  16. chigundo

    Rogue Kit way off on IBUs

    I have a Rogue Brutal IPA with the following "anticipated" specs for the beer: OG:1.060 IBU:60 Color:12 SRM When I enter the ingredients into beersmith, it shows close to those specs except the IBUs, which is showing as 39.2. How could it be so off? The bittering hops is just 1 oz...
  17. chigundo

    Four Perlick 525SS

    Anyone got 4 stainless steel perlick perl's for sale?
  18. chigundo

    Kegged beer is pretty flat

    Assuming no leaks, what would be a reason for flat beer from keg? Going on 4 weeks now in the kegerator at 12 psi. I checked the gauge with friends new regulator and also assume that's accurate. Using 10 foot line. There's some head but just tastes really flat. Frustrating.
  19. chigundo

    Hand pump line cleaner problem

    I'm new to keg line cleaning.. I have a mason jar hand pump that I got as part of a bunch of other stuff.. it's basically this. My question is are these supposed to pump very easily? I have to pump it very very fast to build up enough pressure to push the solution through the line... so I'm...
  20. chigundo

    Jumpstart a lager?

    Made a lager with WL820. I messed up my starter and ended up with only a liter. Went into carboy & fridge last night. I'm tempted to run to brew shop today and pick up another vial of WL820 and dump it in.. Would that have any impact or is it basically pointless unless I made another starter...