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  1. I_B_Mongo


    My club, The Missouri Mashers, is hosting a homebrew competition next month. American styles only. If you're interested: http://brewing.coinop-solutions.com/ Cheers!
  2. I_B_Mongo

    Hoff-Stevens Couplers

    I have two Hoff Stevens couplers that came with a setup that I don't need. $30 shipped, each.
  3. I_B_Mongo

    Single Product Cold Plate

    I've got two single product cold plates for sale. Perfect to setup your own jockey box. Asking $85 shipped, each
  4. I_B_Mongo


    I've got two cellarbuoys/FOBs for sale. $30 each, shipped.
  5. I_B_Mongo

    Soda Syrup Pump

    ShurFlo syrup pump $32 shipped OBO
  6. I_B_Mongo

    Keg Couplers and Secondary Regulators

    I've got 9 type D keg couplers for sale, $25 each. And a Guinness coupler for $55. And 5 Cornelius secondaries regulators-with shutoff and barbs, for sale, $40 each. Prices include shipping, but I would knock off a few bucks if you're local. I'm in the KC metro area.
  7. I_B_Mongo

    Kegerator For Sale

    Hi, I'm helping a buddy out by trying to sell his kegerator. It's a Danby Millennium. It's a little worn, and has a small cigarette burn on the top of it. KC Metro area only, ad shipping would bust the deal. $275: includes full 5# CO2 tank and regulator $225: Kegerator only
  8. I_B_Mongo

    Just Had to Brag

    I just found out that I won a clone recipe kit from Tallgrass Brewery and Norther Brewer from their Facebook contest! I never really win anything, so to win BEER makes it even better! Thanks to these two great companies for fueling the homebrewing fire! :mug:
  9. I_B_Mongo

    FREE Chest Freezer

    Not mine For all you aspiring kezer owners in the KC area... http://kansascity.craigslist.org/zip/2866326896.html It says it lost power for a few days with food in it and it needs to be cleaned, but the price is right if you don't mind the work. I'd get it myself, but I've got my kids...
  10. I_B_Mongo

    WTT 3 5gallon pin locks for a 2.5 or 3 gallon ball lock

    I really only want to do this if I can find somebody in the KC metro area. Don't want to hassle with shipping. But I'd like to trade 3 five gallon pin lock corny kegs for one 2.5 or 3 gallon ball lock keg. Thanks for looking!
  11. I_B_Mongo

    Just need to vent

    So, I entered a local homebrew contest last week. Its a decent size at 479 entries. I entered 4 beers. 3 I was just looking for some feedback, one I thought had a chance to place. Anyway, the one I though had a shot was a RIS I brewed almost a year ago. I don't have my score sheets yet...
  12. I_B_Mongo

    The Keg Fairy Paid Me a Visit

    Just had to brag a little. :ban: 48 total. Now I need to buy some o-rings in bulk from McMaster-Carr and get down to scrubbing.
  13. I_B_Mongo

    Huge Collection of Homebrew Equipment

    NOT MINE. Just thought I'd pass this along. He looks to have a lot of stuff. Only wants to sell it as a package deal right now. Homebrew
  14. I_B_Mongo

    BIAB Electric System

    Not mine, but thought I'd pass it along to whoever may be interested. Homebrewing System, home brew, beer making, keg ,plate chiller
  15. I_B_Mongo

    Cheap Apple Juice/Cider

    Just wanted to give a heads up to all the KC metro area cider enthusiasts. Price Chopper has Best Choice apple juice and apple cider on sale, $.97/64oz with your Chopper Shopper card. I just picked up 10 gallons worth!
  16. I_B_Mongo

    Kegs for Disaster Kit

    Just wanted to get everybody's ideas on this... I've been working on putting together an emergency preparedness kit. Not an "End of Days" thing, just a tornado/snow storm/etc thing. I've been buying extra canned goods, batteries, flashlights, etc. "They" say you should have a gallon of...
  17. I_B_Mongo

    KC Metro Area Group Buy#1

    Okay KC area brewers, I'm considering putting together a group grain buy, but wanted to see how much interest there is. This is for whole bags only, and we'd need at least 1000 lbs (roughly 45 bags) before it will be shipped. I've got access to a receiving dock, so that won't be a problem...
  18. I_B_Mongo

    Corny Keg Lid has no Pressure Relief

    Pretty much what the title says. Yesterday I scored 8 kegs off of Craigslist for $70. 4 ball-lock, 4-pinlock. One of the pin-lock lids doesn't have a pressure relief. No pull ring, no dome with the plastic widget inside, nothing. Obviously this keg was used at much higher pressures in a...
  19. I_B_Mongo

    DIY Oast

    So I just finished my first harvest of my hops. Cascade and Centennial. Forgive me if this has been done already, but just wanted to share an idea I came up with today. I didn't feel like taking off all the widow screens to dry my hops. So what I did was grab a few milk crates from the...
  20. I_B_Mongo

    Peary Questions

    I have the opportunity to get some free pears, and I thought I'd try my hand at making a peary. As I've never made one, I figured I'd refer to the pros. What do I need to do to prep the fruit? I don't have a press, nor do I have access to one. How much fruit do I need? I'd like to make a 5...