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    Looking for Honey supply/Beekeepers in CO

    Hi All, I am working to develop my contacts and get good local honey or at least some good varitals in good bulk prices. Mostly they say to contact the beekeepers themselves. I figured I'd get a shout out to see if anybody is going to do a group buy or even has done so with some good...
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    Simple Glossery for beginers

    This may be a little more complicated but here is a simple glossery in no paticular order. Racking- the act of transfering your fermenting from one vessel to another leaving the sediment in the previous vessel, such as fruit and dead yeast. OG= Starting gravity prior to fermentation. FG=...
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    Honey Source in CO?!

    Hi All, I used to shop at Madahava's Honey in Lyons, CO. They used to have a 42 pound bucket size. Now only 60 pound by special 2 week poor. Also, the price went up. They are not only increasing their prices but don't feel that Brewers should get their wholesale prices. So they have...
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    Cider or Cyser. How's it gonna turn out?

    Ok, This probably belongs here. I made a non-alcoholic cider, some say Wassil. Recipie: 6 gallons of whole apple juice 1 vanilla bean 4 sticks of cinnomon (about 2inches) 1/4 apple stuffed with whole cloves 1 whole nutmeg freashly crushed Sweetened with about 2 pounds of honey 8...
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    Orange Creamsicle Mead

    Ok I decided to do a sweet and creamy Orange vanilla, reminicient of Orange Creamcyles. I have the primary sweet show mead going now. Here is what I got: 18-20 lbs of Alfalpha honey 2 teaspoons of Yeast energizer 2 teaspoons of yeast Nutreint 2 packets of Lavin D-47 yeast Water to 5...
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    Liquid Nitrogen

    I saw a progam on tv that basically froze alcohol with liquid nitrogen and made some amazing sounding drinks. I wonder what flash freezing mead would be like, if it would work well. They froze tequila, vodka, and rum. It looked great. Since the Distilling thread got shut down and this is a...
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    Fig Mead

    Does anyone have a good recipie for Fig Mead? I was looking for a Sweet mead, not dry, although I could go for a medium. I just don't know how much fig to put in. Only found one recipie for a 5 gallon batch and that called for 18 pounds of figs. Not dried. So some imput from people that...
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    Carmel Mead

    Really, I am just in the theoretical stage of a recipe design. I just need some advice. I want to have a carmel flavored mead. My problem is that to make carmel it is essencially butter, milk and sugar as what makes it. I only have access to Alfalfa, Clove, and Wildflower honey. Adding...
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    Garlic Mead or Sage Mead?

    I recently heard about this and heard that garlic mead was very good. Has anyone tried this or made this? It sounds like it might not taste good but someone I talked to said it was great. Just wondering. I was thinking on doing a Sage mead but have no recipies and have not been able to find...
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    Yeast and High Altitude Brewing.

    I Live in Denver. I was wondering if anybody out there has any idea if yeast produces better at higher altitudes than at lower ones. I use primarily D-47 yeast and I seem to be getting VERY potent Mead out of it and I checked my brewshop and found that it actually is a yeast that has a lower...
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    I was contemplating a Peach mead with spirimint in it. Only I don't have much experience with mints. I was planing on using the leaves rather than an extract as I like to keep it more pure. Extracts are actually made by using alcohol to bring out the flavor. Only I don't know how many leaves...