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    Successful (I think) wildish ferment

    As an experiment, and because I ran out of packaged yeast, I made a starter out of boiled sugar water. I threw in a couple sections of oak dowel that I have used in brews in the past, and some dandelion tops. Shook it up really well. That was yesterday afternoon. Last night I noticed some foam...
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    Why is NA Beer more bitter than normal?

    I'm considering doing some NA Beer because I love the flavor of good malts and I want to drink more beer, but can't be drunk all day, alas. I'm considering wort soda, too. I've read that heating up your beer to 170 degrees to evaporate the alcohol results in a strong increase in the bitterness...
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    Logistics of dough-in with BIAB

    Hey, all, I'm new to all grain (batch #2 today) and newish to beer brewing period (maybe a dozen batches under my belt) I'm doing a 100 degree rest with the bag in, no problem, (heat water to just over 100 degrees, add grains, stir, cover, take off burner, cover with towels) but then having...
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    Old yeast didn't ferment all the sugars

    Hey, All, I made the mistake of brewing with old yeast. I will not do that again. Initial ferment was 4 weeks. It's been stuck at 1.02 for a week. I bottled without adding extra sugar because I didn't want to take the chance that the yeast would not ferment the extra sugar and I would end up...
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    Roasted rice for a steeping grain

    Anyone have experience using roasted rice for a steeping grain (by itself or with something else)? I love it as a tea, it has a fabulous popcorn scent/flavor. But wondering if that would be weird in a beer.
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    Best ways to mash blueberries?

    Hello, all, I have a batch of bilbemel already brewing, so my question is for next time. Anybody know of any easy way to mash 10# of blueberries? In the last batch, I discovered that the berries were smaller than the gaps in the masher, so had to do them by hand...which took forever. (I did...
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    Sour flavor in a braggot?

    I'm a newb. Been brewing mead for 9 months or so, just a handful of batches. Discovered LME and have two 1 gallon braggot brews. One is very sour and I have no idea why. It's got: 1# Briess Dark LME 1# dark maple syrup 1 gallon strong chamomile tea Lalvin BM4X4 yeast chopped raisins Looks...