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    Water kefir lack of Carbonation

    Hi fellow booch lovers. I have a question regarding Water kefir. So I've had a few grains of water kefir since 2018 and have been feeding them ever since. But during last year I neglected my babies a bit and I am worried that they might be "dead"/inactive because my mixture doesn't have any...
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    Pellicle vs Starter liquid.

    Hi fellow brewers. I would like to discuss the topic of a SCOBY which is often misinterpreted. As far as I know the SCOBY is only the starter liquid as the microbial activity is much more than found when looking at the "mat". Does anyone know where this misunderstanding began? If the latter...
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    Counter pressure filler - Purging gas?

    Hi, I have a Pneumatic Counter pressure filler I use for Kombucha. So basically we put pressure in the bottles before filling to limit the amount of foam formed when filling takes place. When I started up my brewery I used CO2 but switched to N2 gas last year March because it is much cheaper...
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    Kombucha Commercial Brewery Alcohol problem

    Hi, I am a Kombucha brewer that provides 4 different flavoured Kombucha products for Food stores throughout South Africa. I have no background in actual food science so my knowledge regarding live organisms and interactions with each other is limited to the internet. Firstly- Primary...