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    Some Useful Devices for Winemaking

    In making wine, after fermentation, one typically stirs the wine to remove dissolved CO2. This is known as sparging. I find that a sterilized paint stirrer works quite well for this in an open container such as a plastic 1 – 5 gallon fermenter. However, this does not work when sparging wine...
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    Calculating %ABV Without the Initial Specific Gravity

    One likes to know the final alcohol content after making a batch of wine. Typically, one can calculate this from the initial and final specific gravity. The initial specific gravity can be measured directly or from the Brix number from index of refraction measurement. %...
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    Cherry/Grape Wine from Juice

    CHERRY/GRAPE WINE • 1 gal of Langer’s organic white grape/tart cherry juice (try Costco or Trader Joe’s) • 13 oz. sugar • ½ t acid blend • ½ t pectic enzyme • 1 t yeast nutrient (DAP) • ½ t yeast energizer • ½ t GoFerm • ½ t Sparkolloid • ½ t potassium sorbate • Sugar syrup or...
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    Using Spigot on Primary Fermenter

    During the making of wine, one has to rack must from the primary fermenter container into a secondary fermenter container. Typically, this involves siphoning liquid from one to the other. While this does work well most of the time, at times, one ends up siphoning some of the lees which makes...