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    Cold Crashing & CO2

    Greetings, Typically I’ll dry hop in the keg or some kind of secondary fermenter. For scheduling reasons, I tossed the pellets into the primary and planned on just cold crashing to drop them out. To do so, I typically fill a balloon with some CO2 and attach to my standard blow-off tubing. It...
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    New grain mill - proper settings

    Greetings, I purchased a new grain mill and I’m attempting to dial in the settings. Please have a look at the photo and see if you’d qualify this as proper? Thanks! Dan
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    Pilsner recipe - water suggestion?

    All, I'm planning my next brewday and I've got some WY2124 that I've already starting building (it's old), and I'd like to brew a German pilsner. I've not brewed many pilsners (lagers in general), so I'm seeking some advice regarding water profiles. My local water 'looks' like this: 22 Ca...
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    Hoppy Pale Ale Recipe

    Greetings, Looking for advice on amount of late addition/whirlpool hops for a light, hoppy ale I'm considering for this weekend. I realize hop perception can vary from person to person, but I'm looking for any opinions: Golden Promise Malt - 100% Target OG: 1.052 (5.33% ABV) 60 min: Citra 28...
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    Yeast suggestion thread

    I’m brewing a Pale Ale hopped with only Chinook this weekend. Grain bill will either be all pale malt or maybe a slight addition (4%) of Caravienne or Caramel 60 (color and slight sweetness). It was recently suggested to use WLP002 instead of the standard Chico I would use for this kind of...
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    Black buildup on conical wall

    I’m new to brewing in a conical, but recently bought a stainless steel vessel as an upgrade to my glass carboys. I’ve included pictures to show what I found with my first brew. I don’t ever recall this color of buildup on the wall of the glass carboy (black). Also, there was quite a bit of...
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    Copper chiller clean?

    I’ve brewed a few batches of beer with this coil chiller, and lately noticed these marks on it. I typically soak it in OneStep in the kettle after brewing. Anyone know what this is? Anything to worry about? Should I dump what I’ve already brewed?
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    Brown Ale recipe advice

    I've recently picked up some Goldswaen Brown Malt on the cheap and I'd like to use it. I've brewed some Brown Ale's in the past, but never with this malt. I tossed this recipe together and was going to give it a whirl next weekend, but thought I'd see if anyone else has advice prior to...