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    New York Philmill

    This is a PHILMILL that I bought from HomeBrew Talk a few years ago. I've upgraded since. I was never able to get the crank to work, but I'm including the correct drill bit that works. It is the perfect crusher for a beginner/intermediate brewer. There are plenty of accolates about it all...
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    heat exchange question

    I'm planning on using my Blichmann Therminator as a heat exchange/control. Im going to recirculate hot water through it as I also recirculate my mash, to insure a consistent temperature. Has anyone heard of this technique or used it?
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    Apple Beer

    I was asked to make a walnut/apple beer for a wedding. I was thinking of making a typical pale ale but substituting apple cider for water for my mash and sparge. I will bake and boil the walnuts to get the oils out and add to secondary. I'm not too worried about the walnuts. Can anyone give me...
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    Victory and 6row

    I have been home brewing for about 5 years and I have always used 2row or marris otter as my base malts. I primarily make ipa's, double ipa's, porters and stouts. I recently got 50 lbs of victory and 100lbs of 6row. What r ur feelings of making IPA's with these as the primary grain? I will...
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    White Labs Fizzing Question

    When I opened my WL SUPER HIGH GRAVITY YEAST WLP 099, it had a similar reaction that a bottle of soda makes after being excited. The vile fizzed a bit once I cracked the seal. The use by date is May 20, 2014 and it is June 8th today. Should I be afraid of anything? I made a starter and it's...
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    New York free stuff in Brooklyn!

    http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/hsh/4293187201.html not from me, just passing along a craigslist post
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    How far should the burner be from the keggle?

    I am building a frame for a banjo burner and want to know if there is a recommended distance that the burner should be from the bottom of the keggle? I assume that it's similar to a generic kitchen stove?
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    ISO: Pliny, russian river etc

    Have access to anything that comes through NYC. I have access to most dog fish head, Brooklyn, 6pts, Southern teir. I've brewed a Pliny the elder clone and Zombie Dust, but never had the real thing...
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    Double yeast addition?

    I brewed a barley wine 2 weeks ago (OG 1.07). I used a starter plate with a smackpack and pitched the yeast. My question is, Should /Can I add more yeast at this point? It's my first time doing a BW, so I'm a bit nervous! Any feedback would be helpful.
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    Porter -stouts without carbonation?

    Please advise.... I've been brewing for about a year and my BIG/Double stouts and porters have been lacking carbonation. Do I need to add extra sugar ? All of my brews have been excellent, except for these styles. The only commonality is honey at the last 5mins of brewing. Please assist....
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    Nonstop fermentation

    Last weekend I cooked up a red ale. At the end of the cook I added 1lb of honey. I used a yeast starter and as usual, fermentation happened within 12 hours. I used a blow off, and when it finally calmed down, 7 days later I put on an airlock. 10 days later there is a constant bubbling. Please...
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    Is there any crime in leaving the wort/beer in the primary fermenter even if the hydrometer has a steady reading for 3 days? I'm not going to get around to bottling until about a week past when I should. Please advise