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  1. K

    Rex c100 PID owners - a must know! (how to turn off digital frequency)

    Hi everyone, I just found out something very important with my own rex c100, and figured others might not know either. So, it turns out the engineers who made the damn thing included a default feature that tells you an incorrect PV value just to keep you happy. I think it can be out by a...
  2. K

    2500w element sugary coating? (help please)

    Hi guys, I did my first every electric BIAG last weekend. A few things first, I had less water in my kettle than I intended (ended up with 15L after the boil when I was going for 20L into the fermentor) and the entire batch should have about 50ibu's. I put 30g of 13% alpha hops straight in...
  3. K

    Newbie 30L BIAB Electric Setup

    Hi everyone, I figured I'd share my process for my first electric brewing setup. I know a lot of you have 50L + setups but I wanted to share my little 30L (max volume) kettle for those who are just starting out or have little space. So, first off I'll list all the parts and their cost and...