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  1. solbes

    Cheap "Built In" Fridge for under counter kegging

    Finally close to finishing our log cabin in Northern Minnesota. We have a 4 season porch/sunroom where the centerpiece will be the bar. Maple cabinets, live edge Ash slab upper and granite lower for counters. I had found a too-perfect option on an Edgestar triple tap built in kegerator...
  2. solbes

    How Much Rye is Too Much?

    As the thread states, how much rye is too much? I know there are a lot of people on here who have experimented with various levels of Rye. To date I have only ever brewed 1 recipe with Rye, which was Denny's Wry Smile IPA (fantastic BTW). So very little experience. I am attempting to clone...
  3. solbes

    Your Budweiser is actually 100 years old...[video]

    See video link below: http://money.cnn.com/video/technology/2015/09/15/anheuser-busch-budweiser-100-year-old-yeast.cnnmoney/index.html - Umm its not actually 100 years old, but the parent cells are closely linked to the original strain - A weeks worth of Bud starts with 1mL of yeast, would not...
  4. solbes

    One of the more creative Beers I've ever seen...

    A small brewery near Minnesota's richest lake (Minnetonka) called Exclesior Brewing recently came out with something that combines brewing beer with a small amount of aquative invasive species, Zeebra Mussels and Eurasion Milfoil. I have yet to try it, but the novelty factor for fisherman...
  5. solbes

    Hofbrau Maibock - Any Clone Ideas or Attempts?

    Hofbrau Maibock is simply delicious. I've gotten it twice and was blown away each time. Too bad they use green botttles as the first was slightly skunked. But anyway. Its an amber bock that comes in at 7.2%, not much else given on their US website. I have had lagers with a light malty...
  6. solbes

    Beastly Bells Yeast in RIS

    Last nioght I bottled my RIS that was brewed back in early April. I had pitched a healthy amount of yeast from a previous batch of porter that used Bells yeast. OG of the RIS was 1.102 and in primary it got down to 1.029 or 9.5% ABV (6 weeks). I wanted to hit 10% on this one, so I made up...
  7. solbes

    Noob questions to Vintners from a Brewer

    My wife wants to get started in making wine. I've brewed for a couple of years now but this is new territory. I read through the instructions (it's a Pinot Noir Vintners Reserve 6 gal kit). Also checked through a lot of threads here to try avoiding frequent questions. So here's the...
  8. solbes

    Best Lager Yeast for German Beers

    I'm almost ready to get started in making lagers at home. I now have the temp controlled fridge, so I'm pumped to finally delve into the other side. I like to make a variety of beer types and try to keep a "house" yeast for the different types (e.g. 1968 for english, 3787 for belgian, bells...
  9. solbes

    School Me on Temp Controllers!

    My brother in law has a mini fridge where the compressor runs continously; I'm guessing it needs a new thermostat. So if the dimensions are large enough, I'd like to use this as a fridge for lagers (currently can't do this) or for getting more precise ale fermentation temp control. I have a...
  10. solbes

    Big Brew Day

    As my weekends have stayed busy, and I can't seem to get more than 2 hours of free time during the week, I had to plan for a big brew day. Yesterday I probably took on too much, but I wonder if other people do similar things. I brewed up a BIAB Carmelite Tripel. Racked a Patersbier from...
  11. solbes

    Anyone try the Ziploc Vacuum System/Bags?

    I harvested and dried the small amount of hops from our first year Cascade and Williamette. I wanted to get a vacuum sealer, but a quality one costs $100-150+. Kind of kills the cost effectiveness of growing your own hops. So I saw the Ziploc vacuum sealer bags on sale at Fleet Farm the...
  12. solbes

    Irene damage to your HOPS?

    Thankfully I'm in the Midwest so my first year babies were all safe and sound. But I was thinking of all of you on the East coast. Not just for your safety, but also for your HOPS! How did they survive? Did most people harvest first and then not worry much about it?