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  1. Brewing Clamper

    Computer controlled Vs. Component/manual Controlled?

    Hey all, I've seen plenty of threads of controller builds on this site. There are lots of awesome ways to control a brewery! I'm at the beginning stages of developing my brewery and I'm trying to decided if I want my control box to be ran by a simple computer (Raspberry Pi) or go with the...
  2. Brewing Clamper

    Discount BYO mag

    Amazon has it for half off: http://amzn.to/KewKST
  3. Brewing Clamper

    Video Game Trades?

    I know a few people on here have mentioned certain console video games. Do we have a game trade center on here yet? Would we be interested? You know, xbox 360, ps3 type things... just checking.. :D
  4. Brewing Clamper

    Another Jockey Box question

    I've decided to go with two 50' of 5/16" coils in my box to make sure they can cool room temp beer to serving temp. I don't want to have to spend more $$ on extra shanks so, how do I connect the "in" end of the coil to the beer source? Just a compression fitting of some sort? Thanks!
  5. Brewing Clamper

    Camlock Sources & prices

    Finishing up my RIMS box and I need some camlocks or QDs. Where's the best place to get them? Thanks all.
  6. Brewing Clamper

    Show us your Sous Vide Cooker!

    I'm working on mine now and I have (I think) all the parts but I'd love to see what you all have come up with. I know some of you are using HLTs for double duty. So I want to see some pics!!
  7. Brewing Clamper

    Cold Plate sources?

    Hello all! I need to make a jockey box for an outdoor wedding in September. I guess the more economical choice is the cold plate since I'll need three taps. What's the best place to buy them? Are they all stainless steel lines? Thanks for the info!
  8. Brewing Clamper

    Another Newb!

    I've lurked the Kombucha forum long enough! Y'all gave me such good information that today I actually got my stuff together and now have a scoby starter in the making. It was pretty easy too, all the info here made me quite confident that I could get it to work. The only possible downside is...
  9. Brewing Clamper

    Refractometer > hydrometer

    After calibrating my refractometer and hydrometer with the same DI water I still get a discrepancy in the results. On today's brew, I get 1.047 with the hydrometer and 1.044 with the refractometer. Any suggestions?
  10. Brewing Clamper

    Recommendations for a hunting guide in Cali?

    Looking to do some hog hunting in California. Anyone use any of the private ranch guides here? This would be my first time hunting which is why I want to do it with someone who knows what they're doing. Thanks!
  11. Brewing Clamper

    1" couplers or nuts?

    My electric kettle is currently setup as weldless. The element gets tighten by a 1" nut & o-ring. I'm thinking of having the nut permanently welded on. Should I consider a 1" coupler instead? And where do I find one of those? Thanks guys!
  12. Brewing Clamper

    RIMS flow control

    So how do you guys control the flow of wort in a RIMS? Do you restrict the flow with a valve or control the speed of the pump with something like a dimmer switch or a PWM? Thanks!
  13. Brewing Clamper

    Where's the Leaf Hops Amarillo!

    Does anyone have it yet/anymore? I can't seem to find it! Looking to get a couple of lbs... Thanks!
  14. Brewing Clamper

    Janet's Brown Ale, Category?

    I brewed a tweaked version of the brown ale and am thinking of entering it in comps. What category would it best fit in? I don't think it's quite the standard brown ale... Thoughts?
  15. Brewing Clamper

    Trip to Bend, OR

    Hello folks! I'll be taking the family on a last minute getaway to Bend Or next week. Instead of our usual whirlwind tour we're just staying in the same B&B for a week and enjoying the area. So what are your thoughts on the local brews? I know the "Ale Trail" is a big thing there but other...
  16. Brewing Clamper

    Brewing Blogs?

    Hey guys & gals, do any of you keep blogs about your brewing exploits? I thought about setting one up, but I might be too lazy to keep it up after a while... who knows. I did setup a twitter account & Facebook page just for my brewing. I guess micro-blogging is easier. Anyway, show us yours!
  17. Brewing Clamper

    Fathers Day Brewing

    Working on a nice Rye Pale Ale. Beautiful day so I decided to brew outside. Damn wind is messing with my propane burner! This is why I love my electric system... End rant. ;-)
  18. Brewing Clamper

    Fruit press Vs. Juicer

    Why should I get a fruit press instead of a juicer to get the yumminess out of fruit for beers, ciders ect.? Is there a real advantage?
  19. Brewing Clamper

    CO2 Check Valves

    Who's got the cheapest check valves for a CO2 distro? I'm starting to get some beer backing up into the co2 lines and I don't like it! :D Thanks!
  20. Brewing Clamper

    Productive day!

    I didn't feel like getting any real work done today, so instead I worked in my brewery. I kegged a batch of APA, washed a couple of fermenters, brewed a batch of Summer Wheat, washed some yeast, and whipped up a small batch of Applewien. The next thing I'm going to do is place an order for...