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  1. rockinmarty

    Show us your Kegerator

  2. rockinmarty

    Show us your Kegerator

    How are the taps attach to the tower? Machined caps or did you find a piece that worked?
  3. rockinmarty

    Canadian Supplies

    If anyone is looking for ball lock kegs. https://www.canuckhomebrewsupply.com/5-gallon-ball-lock-keg-converted-pin-lock/
  4. rockinmarty

    Canadian Supplies

    Like others, Ontario beer kegs. They usually have the best selection and price.
  5. rockinmarty

    Show us your DIY stir plate!

    Love it, nice clean and simple.
  6. rockinmarty

    Show us your sculpture or brew rig

    I didn't notice that. That's an AC! Cool! Pun intended.
  7. rockinmarty

    Show us your Kegerator

    Lo e the light saber!
  8. rockinmarty

    Looking for proven recipe

    Can't go wrong with Jamil ! Also own it, great book.
  9. rockinmarty

    Show us your Kegerator

    Looks to me like he used handrail hardware. If that's it,he's a genius.
  10. rockinmarty

    Cheap compact wort pump

    Nice, did you have a build thread?
  11. rockinmarty

    Who's the next lucky brewers in CA INKBIRD May Giveaway?!

    Just received it. Thank you.
  12. rockinmarty

    Who's the next lucky brewers in CA INKBIRD May Giveaway?!

    Sent a private message on the 26, with address. Can you confirm you received it.
  13. rockinmarty

    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    thanks, that seems quite interesting.
  14. rockinmarty

    New May INKBIRD Giveaway for Canadian brewers to Celebrate Big Brew with INKBIRD

    ITC-310T please.*I already own a few of your products and would love to try one of these pre-assembled ones!
  15. rockinmarty

    The Brewer's Friend Recipe Kit Giveaway!

    Irish Red All Grain please!!!!!
  16. rockinmarty

    Spring Giveaway ONLY CANADA customers

    Itc-310t please.
  17. rockinmarty

    Sale today at wilserbrewer BIAB Bags

    As usual I keep missing your Sunday sales!