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  1. Baron von BeeGee

    Which yeast when pitching a Doppelbock on an Oktoberfest cake?

    Which yeast would the lager guys recommend when pitching a Doppelbock onto an Oktoberfest cake? I'm planning to brew an Oktoberfest during my break, then follow up with a Doppelbock in January when the Oktoberfest likely gets racked. I'd prefer dry yeast, and am leaning towards the W-34/70...
  2. Baron von BeeGee

    BeeGee's Brewgrass Report (Asheville)

    September 20th was the 2008 Brewgrass Festival (Brewgrass Festival, Asheville, NC) in Asheville, NC, and I head up every year with a few friends to enjoy some mountain air, camping, mountain biking, dining, and, of course, copious quantities of beer. Friday morning and herded the family into...
  3. Baron von BeeGee

    I want a diesel

    Passenger car, that is. They have a lot of public opinion to get around in the US, but I hope now that we're getting the low sulphur fuel we'll start to see some more selection. With BMW bringing the 1-series gasoline sedans next year I'm hoping they'll eventually bring the diesel versions...
  4. Baron von BeeGee

    What are you reading, or, alternatively, any good books?

    What's everybody reading? Besides the normal beer related literature, of course. I just finished More Terrible Than Victory which is a regimental history of the NC 1st/11th Bethel Regiment. Before that was Gates of Fire, a work of historical fiction on the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae. I'm...
  5. Baron von BeeGee

    Croquetas de jamon serrano

    Serrano ham croquettes, scaled for 2 (can be doubled or whatever): Ingredients: 3.5 Tbsp butter 1/2 onion minced 1/4c unbleached ap flour 1c milk 1 Tbsp parsley Serrano ham to taste chopped up (~2 oz in my case I guess) 1 beaten egg ~1c bread crumbs oil for frying Preparation: 1. Melt better...
  6. Baron von BeeGee

    Eating ham. Raw ham.

    Dry cured, of course :cool: I'm totally obsessed with serrano/Iberico ham from Spain which is basically prosciutto but better if you're not familiar with it. It's a bit saltier which works for a Southern boy raised on country hams. However, I'm not exactly obsessed with the price tag of...
  7. Baron von BeeGee

    Wisdom Teef status: OUT

    So who the hell gets their wisdom teeth removed at 37 years of age, anyways? Besides me, that is. I had my lowers removed when I was 21-22 - they were showing and my hometown dentist yanked them out with local and a pair of rubber coated pliers. Fast forward 15 or so years to a few weeks ago...
  8. Baron von BeeGee

    Dale Jr

    So out of all the other members on the forum there has to be at least one other that follows a bit of NASCAR (and DeRoux quit, so I guess that leaves me :o ). Anyways, huge news! Dale Jr striking out on his own from DEI and the thumb of his stepmother (good ol' NASCAR incest!). This is the...
  9. Baron von BeeGee

    Farmhouse / Saison

    Who likes these? I'm not sure I want 5g, but I enjoy Belgians periodically so against my better judgement (and because the VSS Farmhouse strain from Wyeast piqued my interest) I'm going to brew one. I slapped this together based on guidelines from a BYO article and because round #'s make it...
  10. Baron von BeeGee

    Charles Elzer Loudermilk aka

    Charlie Louvin - anybody else listened to the cd he released earlier this year? Great drinking music! Unless you can't tolerate old timie country/gospel. It's got a bunch of duets with icons like George Jones, but also lots of alt-country artists like Tift Merritt (NC fox), Jeff Tweedy, and...
  11. Baron von BeeGee

    Czech Pils for Saturday

    I've far from gotten a handle on lagers (one Oktoberfest that was pretty good, but not really Oktoberfesty, and one Doppelbock I've just kegged), but I thought "why not try one of the more difficult styles?? It's only time, money, and pride" and went to the LHBS today. Starter is starting as I...
  12. Baron von BeeGee

    Tortas Ahogadas

    This thread isn't a recipe, but more of a relation of a Mexican culinary experience (the good kind). For lunch on Monday my SIL brought tortas ahogadas to the house. They're basically a chopped pork sandwich on a sourdough crusty roll and one of the famous foods of Guadalajara. Of course...
  13. Baron von BeeGee

    Suck it Dookies!

    Oh yeah...the Pack will roll to the ACC Championship now! Too bad I will be in Mexico...
  14. Baron von BeeGee

    How long before Dude is banned!uno!

    Poll options! Well, to the bar to try a new double IPA... :mug: ;):ban:;)
  15. Baron von BeeGee

    I didn't steal this beer!

    Seriously, occifer, I traded a rock of crack for it! http://www.newsobserver.com/122/story/539748.html
  16. Baron von BeeGee

    Big Tom Rye

    My first rye PA which I named in honor of Brewpastor's article in BYO as well as the fact I brewed it Thanksgiving week. I has a hint of rye spiciness without being overwhelming...the Chinook/Cascade hop profile is what you really notice. Very typical of an APA. In a future version I will cut...
  17. Baron von BeeGee

    Sell Wal-mart Stock!1!

    Tarholes lose! Bwahhahaha. :mug: Gonna be a slow day at Wal-mart in the college paraphenalia section!
  18. Baron von BeeGee

    Weizenbock Weizenbock

    Yep, it's a Weizenbock...several months aging is a good thing here, as well as a pound of rice hulls in the mash. Weizenbock A ProMash Recipe Report Recipe Specifics ---------------- Batch Size (Gal): 5.50 Wort Size (Gal): 5.50 Total Grain (Lbs): 15.00 Anticipated OG...
  19. Baron von BeeGee

    Weissbier Basic Hefeweizen

    Just your basic, run of the mill Hefeweizen. Use your choice of Hefeweizen yeast and noble hops. Can also be easily done as an all-extract recipe by subbing 6# of DME for the grains. Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier A ProMash Recipe Report Recipe Specifics ---------------- Batch Size (Gal)...
  20. Baron von BeeGee

    Set for the evening

    Of course, I've plenty of homebrew on tap; however, since we were at the grocery today I decided to snag a few commercial offerings: - Bell's Pale Ale. Heard a lot about it, gonna try it. - Unibroue Chambly Noire (or something like that). CC vouches for it so it's gotta be at least as good as...