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  1. mattd2

    "Smart" fermentation controller idea

    Yeah I should have mentioned that the "regular checking" would be much easier with the MyBrewBot as I wouldn't have to walk through the garage to get to check!
  2. mattd2

    "Smart" fermentation controller idea

    Thanks HH - although what I was thinking was to just to make a (calculated) assumption about the energy transferred while the fridge/freezer is switched on rather than calculate the heat transfer from the fermenter compared against a reference temp. And have the controller control the ramping...
  3. mattd2

    "Smart" fermentation controller idea

    Yeah you're right about the calorimetry, the only difference really is instead of trying to determine how much energy has been use down to the watt (or milli/micro/etc. -watt) it is way more rougher than that with measuring to the "yeah it's probably about time to bump it up a few degrees for a...
  4. mattd2

    "Smart" fermentation controller idea

    This thought just came to me last night but I wanted to get the collective Homebrew Talk wisdom on it first... I have always wanted to have better control over my set points during fermentation, but also I'm also a bit too lazy to keep checking on activity throughout fermentation - the...
  5. mattd2

    What's the secret to brewing a REALLY clean tasting IPA?

    Isn't that a bit low for US05? I normally would ferment with it around 68F. I have heard it will throw some weird peach-like flavours (and not in a good way) if it is too low
  6. mattd2

    Sanitizing 3D printed parts

    There doesn't seem to be a lot of info on chemical resistance of PLA, I would not hold my breath but the best bet would be to print out a test piece (or just get some of the PLA filament from the spool) and test it in some stars an to see if it gets brittle or starts to disintegrate.
  7. mattd2

    Importance of cleaning valves

    Where do you get the idea that two piece valves are not meant to be disassembled? Remember that these valves are industrial items that us homebrewers have repurposed for our needs since they are cheaper than the valves a professional brewery would use and the extra effort to keep them clean...
  8. mattd2

    Importance of cleaning valves

    Both types are designed to be taken apart. The purpose of the three piece design is so the threaded parts can stay in position when servicing (such as you not wanting to touch the soldered part while cleaning out your valve)
  9. mattd2

    Importance of cleaning valves

    My guess is how people are cleaning them. Whether they cycle the valves during cleaning or just leave them open and not realising that inside the valve body is a volume of wort that isn't being cleaned out.
  10. mattd2

    Blichmann's new pump

    Generally that washer is a thrust washer and if it is getting chewed up the likely reason is the inlet line is restricted causing the impeller to be pulled towards the front housing and against the washer - more restriction equal more force equal more wear which will chew out the washer quicker...
  11. mattd2

    Cheap compact wort pump

    Isn't 5 hours a day for 20 years 36,500 hours so not much of an increase over the 30,000 hours claim :)
  12. mattd2

    What kind of keg is this

    There are many different coupler types other than the typical D-type
  13. mattd2

    Pin mapping for wiring DS18B20 to XLR?

    Any chance you can share the process/pictures for the DIY probes?
  14. mattd2

    Dealing with frequent power outages.

    What is the ambient temp at the moment? If you have a decent chest freezer with good seals then you likely will get away with doing nothing.
  15. mattd2

    "Open" Keg Fermentation

    It is not uncommon in the commercial world for smaller breweries to ferment in tanks with "half moon" lids - most of these are reused farm milk vats (another situation where they do not want unwanted organisms into the product). Look at this yeasty goodness :)
  16. mattd2

    Blichmann's new pump

    It still has a threaded inlet and outlet. I would have preferred TC on these in place of the flow control valve but that's just me...
  17. mattd2

    GFCI FAILURE RATE... up to 57%

    Grounding doesn't protect against what GFCI protect against. Your statement shows that you don't know everything about electrical safety. I still stand by my stance on the "trip the gfci" e-stop isn't best practice but that doesn't mean gfci are not a valid safety device. And all gfci should be...
  18. mattd2

    I hate #[email protected]#&*( Auto Repair Shops

    So they split the g/box from the engine and then decided it was too hard? Then just left it with you to sort out? That is some extremely bad service - they could of at least taken it to the dealer for you... but I don't know if I would of trusted them with even that "simple" job :(
  19. mattd2

    Econonomic Glycol Chiller?

    An Aquarium chiller plus and 12V dc pump and you have yourself a 1/4hp chiller under US$200 http://www.ebay.com/itm/220V-AL-Fish-Shrimp-Plant-Aquarium-200W-Water-Cooling-Machine-Fan-Chiller-60L-/322270463096?hash=item4b08d10478:g:hrIAAOSwmLlX5M8W
  20. mattd2

    Chugger pumps losing prime

    HWats the intake side of the pumps set up like? From the fact that throttling back the outlet of the pumps solved the HLT issue I would think potentially you have a cavitation issue from a restricted inlet.