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  1. Clonefarmer

    My 1 bbl. system build

    The build is looking sweet!
  2. Clonefarmer

    Inexpensive (but good) reverse osmosis system?

    I think you'll like it. I have a similar one. It was easy to hook up and works great. The waste water is a downside, but it can be used to water a garden or house plants.
  3. Clonefarmer

    My 1 bbl. system build

    The control box is looking good!
  4. Clonefarmer

    Inexpensive (but good) reverse osmosis system?

    It came with a sink adapter which is hooked up to the utility sink. The adapter has a lever on the side that allows the faucet to still be used. The sediment and carbon filters have to be changed about every 6 months or so depending on the water quality. The RO membrane should last years as...
  5. Clonefarmer

    Inexpensive (but good) reverse osmosis system?

    No, the RO water was only for a Reef tank. I use tap water that has been through a simple tap water filter for brewing. The city water here is pretty decent quality. It tastes good out of the tap and even better when carbon filtered. The water is soft with 35 TDS, but there is allot of...
  6. Clonefarmer

    Dremel Owners - corded vs cordless

    I have the variable speed corded version, it's great. One thing that made the Dremel quicker and easier to use is a Dremel Chuck.
  7. Clonefarmer

    Inexpensive (but good) reverse osmosis system?

    If the water softener removes stuff from the water to make it softer then using the RO on the softened water makes sense. If the water softener is adding salts or something to the water to soften the water the RO will have to remove whatever the softener is adding. I'm not too familiar with...
  8. Clonefarmer

    Inexpensive (but good) reverse osmosis system?

    The hoses on the one I have are pretty long. I have it mounted in the basement and have the feed hose running up through an access panel in a closet to a first floor room. The waste water hose I had to extend to reach the hops in the backyard. Here is a 75 GPD unit from the place I got mine...
  9. Clonefarmer

    Making large starters - For higher gravity half barrel systems

    I've used a 5 gallon carboy for a parti-gyle starter. The extra room helps when stepping up. The amount of DME needed to make such a large starter seems wasteful. I think making a small beer and pitching the yeast cake may be more efficient.
  10. Clonefarmer

    Inexpensive (but good) reverse osmosis system?

    Here is a pic of an RO unit hooked up The red hose comes from the sink faucet. Water goes into the sediment filter then through the charcoal filter into the RO filter. The RO mebrane rejects waste water which comes out of the black hose. This RO unit also has a DI filter which the water passes...
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  12. Clonefarmer

    Is it worth Kegging?

    Kegging without a dedicated fridge is possible, but it's a PITA. I did it for a while before I found a cheap fridge on Craigslist. As the weather heats up it gets harder to carb the warm kegs.
  13. Clonefarmer

    Buying a new home...

    Storage is a big thing. Equipment seems to always show up. Bottles and kegs take up a bit of room especially when building a pipeline.
  14. Clonefarmer

    Hops help for an IPA

    Here is a combo I use and like: Nugget at 60 minutes Cascade/Centennial at 15 minutes (use either hops or a 50/50 mix) Cascade/Centennial at 5-0 minutes (use either hops or a 50/50 mix) Saaz Dry hop The Cascade and Centennial give it a citrus flavor while the Saaz tops it off with a pleasant...
  15. Clonefarmer

    Show us your sculpture or brew rig

    67 Camaro
  16. Clonefarmer

    Leave the Gas On?

    You can also use a spray bottle with Starsan to check for leaks.
  17. Clonefarmer

    tiny snifters?

    It could have been a 5.5 oz. I have the 11.5 oz version and they aren't very big. Here is a pic of an 11.5 oz glass next to a 12 oz bottle. The 5.5 should be about half the size.
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  19. Clonefarmer

    tiny snifters?

    Barley Wine Glasses
  20. Clonefarmer


    Not sure about a 10 gallon carboy, but Midwest has a 15 gallon glass Demi-John