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  1. madscientist451

    Lets help a brewer survive

    Dixie Brewing needs your help: The word "Dixie" is now considered offensive, so they need a new name. https://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/new-orleans-dixie-beer-polls-public-renaming-company I know there are lots of clever, creative people here on HBT, so why not pull together and help out a...
  2. madscientist451

    Missed out on the "K" word thread....

    It got locked and this is the admin's message: For future reference, we as the Admin/Mod team consider inappropriate use of the "R-word" to be a slur. We also do not allow political discussion outside of the Debate section/subforum. So what was political about the "k" word, and what is the...
  3. madscientist451

    Does HBT have control of the advertising?

    Forum members aren't allowed to include government, politics or controversial issues in this and other other forum areas, but a few minutes ago right below the "Latests Posts" was and ad with a picture of Trump saying "56 million jobs lost" (which is a colossal lie) and "Trump is failing to...
  4. madscientist451

    All beer names matter

    Looks like Dixie Beer has to change its name: https://nola.eater.com/2020/6/26/21304534/new-orleans-brewery-dixie-beer-new-name-racism-black-lives-matter-protests So if I brew up a Black IPA, a Witbier (white beer) or some "fizzy yellow" lager should I call it something else? Here's what I came...
  5. madscientist451

    Re-creating Authentic German beers at home

    Recently, a HBT member asked for advice on how to improve his homebrew German beers. The word "authentic" was mentioned but beyond that, no specific beers were listed. I've been brewing various German styles for several years and so was of course interested about ways to get my beers close to...
  6. madscientist451

    Heirloom Apple expert Tom Burford

    Fruit explorer and collector Tom Burford passed away 3/29/20. Tom hunted down, grafted and saved many varieties of fruit trees that would have been lost without his efforts. He wrote the book 'Apples of North America" Obituary is below...
  7. madscientist451

    Remembering John Prine

    Great songs you may not have heard of: https://www.culturesonar.com/10-best-john-prine-songs-you-might-have-never-heard/ This one has some references to drinking beer:
  8. madscientist451

    Single Variety Ashmead's Kernal Cider

    I found about a bushel of Ashmead's Kernal apples at a local orchard last fall. I bought the apples in early October and stored them until mid December and they had "sweated" somewhat and looked a little dried out. I made about 2-1/2 gallons of cider, fermented with Cider House Select, nothing...
  9. madscientist451

    COVID-19/ Can't get a drink

    Here in PA they're saying the state run liquor stores may be closed. DC, Ohio and Illinois have ordered bars closed because of the Corona virus. What's going on in your state? Perhaps this is the time for everyone to be a homebrewer?
  10. madscientist451

    Brut beyond IPA (lagers, milds, stouts)

    I made a resolution to lose weight and that means cut back on carbs in general and also calories from alcohol. Yeah I should quit drinking if I really want to drop the pounds off, but that's not happening, so I've tried commercial brut IPA's from Goose Island, Dogfish Head, Avery and Bell's...
  11. madscientist451

    Free Miller lite, is it worth the hassle?

    Some genius at MillerCoors decided to give away free 24 packs of beer on leap day 2020. It looks like you have to go on instagram or twitter, scan some kind of code, submit your receipt and you get a refund via Pay Pal. I don't have a twitter or instagram account, don't know how to scan a code...
  12. madscientist451

    $900 for a hop trellis + 6 plants?

    I came across an ad for the IBEX "hops growing system" while I was on the AHA website. They made a slick video with a crew of hipsters that look they are enjoying life now that they have homegrown hops. But $900 for one 30 foot row? Their idea is interesting and If I ever have the time, I might...
  13. madscientist451

    OMG Another sellout, stop drinking Fat Tire?

    YUP, New Belgium selling out, so we can all quit drinking their beers and try the 7,000+ other breweries that are now in business and haven't disappointed their "supporters" by cashing out and selling to a mega multi-national...
  14. madscientist451

    Refusing a free beer rant

    Miller's market share, like all mega-brews has been dropping in recent years, so they jack up prices to maintain profits and stock prices and wonder why sales drop again. Now they want to give you a beer for free. https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/miller-lite-free-beer-ad-campaign Sorry...
  15. madscientist451

    Sam Adams Illegal brew

    Since Citizens can't control themselves, states have established "liquor control boards" that theoretically keep everything under control. So liquor control laws/bureaucrats in 15 states have decided that drinking Sam Adams Utopia (28% ABV) is a no-no. Note that its OK in those states to...
  16. madscientist451

    Ashmead's Kernel cider

    Got lucky and scored a bushel of Ashmead's Kernel apples today from a local grower. Anyone ever use it in a single variety cider? I'll probably let the apples sit a few weeks and then ferment with 71-B. A quick search on Google turned up this...
  17. madscientist451

    Imported beer yeast makes you healthy

    Who knew?
  18. madscientist451

    Wine Grapes W. Maryland/S. Central PA

    As seen on craigslist: https://chambersburg.craigslist.org/grd/d/mercersburg-grapes-for-sale-from-our/6955781283.htm I met the grower and got some grapes, they looked great, If you need some they are ready now. Note: I don't have any financial interest here, just trying to help a small local...
  19. madscientist451

    $99 PET Conical up to 35 PSI

    I know there are some Northern Brewer haters on HBT, but I received an email from them about a new plastic conical that will hold pressure, it looks somewhat interesting: https://www.northernbrewer.com/products/fermentasaurus-snub-nose-conical-fermenter...