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    Kansas Stainless shanks, 2.5 lb co2 tank, e-build supplies, other stuff

    I've got 4x 4 1/8" stainless perlick shanks with 1/4" nipples and flanges I got from a keezer I bought but had already purchased new shanks to build my own. Asking $80 for all 2.5 lb aluminum co2 tank- $35 Brand new kegco 3 way co2 distributer- $26 Stainless steel hop spider- $10 Electric...
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    Kansas Various supplies; carboys, electric supplies, cold plate, hop spider...

    Was going through my supplies and have the following extras available for sale. 2x 6 gallon glass carboys- $30 each 4x 1 gallon glass carboys- $5 each Stainless steel hop spider- $10 2 product 8x12 cold plate for a jockey box brand new- $60 Electric plugs for electric brewery builds -3x L14-30P...
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    Missouri Exhaust setup

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    Missouri Bayou Classic 62 qt modified basket

    I am no longer using this so figured someone else can. 62 qt bayou classic basket that I've increased the hole sizes every other hole to allow for better drainage. There are a couple sharp spots that can easily be filed down. Asking $50 plus shipping. Open to possible trade offers for a...
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    Very alkaline water out of the tap; pH 10

    I just got my water test back from ward labs and didn't expect my pH to come back at 10. Hadn't checked it before and when I double checked with my new probe, it definitely is 10. This seems very high, does anyone else have starting water this high? I'm in a suburb of St Louis I've included...
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    Need help with exhaust system dripping

    I did my first brew on my new eBIAB setup yesterday and everything went great minus the exhaust system dripping about 30 min into the boil. It wasn't dripping from the hood part, but the fan and a couple joints around the fan. Its currently setup horizontally with about 24" flexible duct and...
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    Fly's eBIAB build

    So this has been a long 8 month process, but its finally complete enough to be operational with few tweaks still needed here an there. Being a resident my free time is few and far between to get this thing completed. I am now able to take my mess out of the kitchen and into my own little area...
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    Missouri e-build parts

    I've got a bunch of parts leftover from my eBIAB build I've been slowly working on. Bought too much and have the following items available: Greenlee 1 1/4" punch for elecetric element cutout- $40 (well used but sharpened with my dremel and works fine still) 3x L14-30P male locking plug - $10...
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    Help with Omron PID

    Hoping someone else has used an Omron PID and can offer some advice. I've got the OMRON E5CN-Q1TU PID and have it all wired up correctly and have the auto settings setup, but need help putting it in manual mode. I'read through the manual several times but can't figure it out. When I turn it...
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    Element grounding question

    If I am using a plastic gang box instead of metal to house my element wiring do I still need to ground it. There are no ground posts in the plastic boxes
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    Missouri Free 20% off Midwest supplies coupon

    Got an email this morning with a 72 hour coupon code for 20% off purchase at midwest supplies and have nothing I am looking to buy, so passing it one. Good for 1 time use. Should have 48 hours left ME-01-58D-39H-7E
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    Missouri Micromatic 2 tap SS glycol cooled tower

    So I recently purchased a used micromatic beer tower online and decided Its too much for me and I am just going to get a basic tower instead. It is all stainless steel construction with 1/4" SS beer lines. The glycol cooling lines are still in place as well. Retails for $400 new, asking $225...
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    Missouri Dual taprite regulators with wall mount and hose

    Bought a used beer tower and it came with this dual taprite regulator. Comes with wall mount and high pressure co2 hose. Will likely take off wall plate and hose for shipping. $75
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    Need help with beer tower

    I am in the process of converting a danby mini fridge into a 2 keg kegerator. I recently purchased a used double beer tower online to use as part of the build. Turns out it is THIS model I had planned on using copper pipes to cool the tower but now I'm not sure what to do with all the tubing...