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  1. Stollejocke

    Boiling water in Coopers craft fermenter

    Hey Is the Coopers craft fermenter safe to pour boiling water in?I sometimes do BIAB and are planning to transfer it directly from boil into the fermenter. Thx
  2. Stollejocke

    Coopers Diablo IPA with Citra

    Hey all. I wanna share a recipe i did. Its a Coopers Diablo IPA with added Citra in boil and dryhop. I start with boiling 20g Citra in 2l water for 20min.I leave the hops in the mix. I add the Diablo extract and stir it up really good. I then added 400 dextrose for added ABV. After that i fill...
  3. Stollejocke

    Coopers stout

    Hey all. Anyone tried to brew the Coopers Stout 5 gallon kit as a 2 gallon kit?Im currently having the Coopers craft kit and i cant find a stout kit for that.So i figured i should try to do it as a 2 gallon kit.I like my stouts high in ABV which i think this will be if i do it a s a 2 gallon...