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  1. soldstatic

    Explosive decompression!!

    KABOOM! I'm in the midst of designing / building my brewing system. I want to do 10 gallon all grain batches, and I want all kinds of flexibility. I'm building a boiler so I can do a steam injected mash type system, and I plan to use this method to also boil in the kettle. Since I'll be...
  2. soldstatic

    Please help me find some gear!

    I'm building a system. Aren't we all? Here's what I need. I am having trouble finding it for this type of application. I worked in the instrument and controls field for a firm that designed power plants, so I can find all kinds of stuff that's ridiculously expensive. So I need your help to track...
  3. soldstatic

    Wanted: 4 faucet tap tower!

    I need a 4 faucet tap tower. I want only SS shanks though, but I don't care if the tower isn't. I have 4 SS straight 3" nipple shank assemblies from micromatic brand new. Fiance doesn't like where I was planning to install them and changed the plans to a tower, but I can't afford a $400+...
  4. soldstatic

    Serving a cream ale (or stout)

    This has been brought up in several threads, but I wanted to assemble some information into one good starter post, then ask for advice. I used to think that they dissolved nitrogen into the beer to get those teeny weeny bubbles in a cream ale or guiness style stout. I don't believe that is...