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  1. mboardman


    Ive got about 5 lbs of flaked wheat and 7 lbs of German Pale wheat (white I think) by Weyerman. I also have 1 lb each of victory, munich malts, as well as maybe 1/2 lb of carapils. Would combining all these ingredients make a good wheat beer?
  2. mboardman

    Saq the Pious AG kit and wlp530

    planning to brew the Saq kit (its a Westy 12 clone) tomorrow and not sure how much yeast I should pitch. 5 gallon batch, OG 1.090. I have 3 packs of wlp530, all three manufactured back in Jan 2019. Mr Malty says the viability is around 10%, so I would need 11 packs with a starter on a stir...
  3. mboardman

    how do you strain the bag?

    Wondering what everyone's process is when it comes time to lift that big heavy bag of grain out of the water and strain it? Do you strain it above the pot? If so, what size of strainer and where did you get it? Does some of the wort being strained out go over the rim and down the sides of...
  4. mboardman

    time spent getting to and from target temps during mash

    I have transitioned from extract to biab AG, and I use a gas kitchen stove for the heating process....curious what similar fellas do about the time you spend getting to the next target temp in a multi-rest mashing process? Do you count it as time spent at the previous temp rest, the next rest...
  5. mboardman

    Confessions...My beer doesnt taste good

    I have to confess....my beer doesnt taste good. Doesnt anyone else feel like their homebrew is very subpar to commercially produced beer? I mean, I hear guys on here say a lot, that their homebrew is great tasting. I know taste is subjective, but its hard for me to believe, knowing how my...
  6. mboardman

    why are all my white IPA's darker than should be?

    Have brewed several BIAB and extract white IPA kits now and they always turn out a lot darker than any commercial examples of white IPAs....anyone else have that happen? Is it normal? Am I steeping the grains too long or something?
  7. mboardman

    trippel with FG of 1.030?

    Let this one sit in a secondary for a lot longer than recipe kit called for, about two months total, but had heard good things about trippels being left alone for long periods. OG was 1.088, FG was 1.030, sampled twice, two weeks apart, then bottled it thinking it wouldnt move anymore...
  8. mboardman

    Starsan - why and how doesnt it kill the beer?

    Let me start by saying, Im not a disbeliever in Starsan. I use it, every time I brew. I understand how it works, being an acid. But... I have to admit a nagging question at the back of my mind.... If its effective as a sanitizer by killing bacteria and other such living microorganisms...
  9. mboardman

    Love2Brew Belgian Blonde partial grain kit

    OK so I was hoping this kit might be a close taste to Duvel, but I dont like sweetness in my beers. Despise it. Thats why Im a big fan of Duvel, its a huge taste with a nice dry finish. This recipe kit included a good size bag of candi syrup. If I hate the sweet after taste - should I...
  10. mboardman

    Only one gallon water for mash??

    Got a partial grain belgian blonde kit recently that says: -- Heat 1 gallon water to 157F and soak grains in grain bag for 60 mins. Big bag of grains - looking at recipe sheet, its over 3.5 lbs of grain. How is only one gallon of water supposed to cover that much grain? It'll expand once...
  11. mboardman

    pilsner - need 50-55F fermenting environment quickly!

    I ordered and brewed this kit without realizing Id need a much cooler area than my normal 65-70 F basement. What do most of you do when you need to chill a lager primary? Im thinking I can use my old fridge for the secondary at 35F. But what is the solution for a primary at 50F??? What...
  12. mboardman

    aeration after yeast fails?

    brewed partial mash pilsner yesterday about 7pm, yeast smack packet never did really bloat up, but I added it anyway. Today I look and its obvious there is no activity in the fermentor. Usually I froth and aerate the wort as it goes into the fermentor, but now that it has sat overnight and...
  13. mboardman

    64oz growlers - ever bottle fresh beer in them?

    If so, how long can you expect the seal to last? I'm not talking about getting a growler from a local Brewery or Tap House. I'm referring to using or reusing these Growlers with the metal screw on lids to bottle with. Anyone do this yet?
  14. mboardman

    no krausen, no bubbling in airlock 2 days after pitching yeast in primary

    Should I be alarmed yet? I have made two extract batches in the last two days, neither has begun bubbling. Both were using Safale dry yeast, both from Midwest. Any chance the yeast is dead or do I have some sort of contamination, or should I just avoid the panic, wait it out and pull a...
  15. mboardman

    spoiled batch?

    I recently boiled up a midwest brewing supplies batch of Pale Ale and dutifully transferred the wort after cooling, into a 5 gal carboy and added the included packet of dry yeast. It was a bit full, but I hated to dump any out, so in the morning I was rewarded with a geysering foam spray from...