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  1. wgentzel

    My Brewing Class in Korea

    So I'm an English teacher in Korea and I have a class with Korean adults coming up. I decided to share my passion and let them brew with me. In the downtime I am going to let them watch "American Eats: Beer" for a bit of background about beer history in the US. I was wondering if anyone...
  2. wgentzel

    My WLP001 tastes like a Belgian. What happened?!?

    So I just made up my own recipe for an all Centennial IPA and I thought it looked normal enough, so I went ahead with it. It's been fermenting at 60F (air temp) for about 11 days now and the Krausen just dropped. I figured I would go ahead and get a sample to check the gravity. It attenuated...
  3. wgentzel

    Makgeolli - Korean Rice Beer

    So, for a preface I live and work in South Korea. Unless are willing to kiln your own grains you sometimes find yourself without any ingredients for a while since homebrewing isn't very popular here (compared to USA, where I am from). Not only that, but grain is relatively expensive. Rice, on...
  4. wgentzel

    Hop character wheel?

    So, I found this site just moments ago and they have an image a realllllly cool looking hop character wheel. Something like this seems very intuitive to me and I would really love to check it out, however, the image is extremely small and I can't find anything similar around. Has anyone else...
  5. wgentzel

    Need a Hopfish clone (or other creative recipes!)

    Hey all, I was wondering if you could help me make a Flying Dog Hopfish clone. It's one of my favorite IPA's and I'm really missing it. I live in South Korea, so my ingredients are a bit limited. Here's the description of Hopfish, for those of you who have not had it before...
  6. wgentzel

    Max Brown Sugar Ratio

    First off, I'm brewing in South Korea and I am a little limited as far as ingredients go. Anyway, I am making a belgian strong ale tomorrow. I want to use brown sugar for a bit of flavor, but mostly to raise the ABV. I understand that if you use too much it could give wine-like qualities...
  7. wgentzel

    Aerating during the Mash?

    So, I stumbled across this video on youtube of an English fellow who owns his own small independent brewery. If you fast forward to about 7:00 you'll see he is aerating the mash as it goes in. I understand making sure that the grains mix well so there are no dry clumps, but he...
  8. wgentzel

    Adding a penny during boil to stop hops boiling over?

    So I read somewhere on these forums that it would be a good idea to add a penny to your brew after you add the hops as it will help to stop the hops from boiling over. I did so on my last batch of beer and now I am fairly certain that it reeks of and tastes like copper. Was I just supposed...
  9. wgentzel

    Malt Grades?

    I don't really know if I am even talking about this the right way, ie, as a "grade," but I noticed malts have a grade that roughly corresponds to how dark or light the malt is, eg, Maris Otter 6°L and Simpson's Medium 50°-60°L. Can anyone tell me exactly what this means or point me to an...
  10. wgentzel

    Carboy Overflow

    So I went away to Philadelphia (real ale invitational, woohoo!) after putting my third ever batch of beer in the fermenter only to come back and see that it had apparently overflowed? I guess the yeast was more active than I thought or something. Maybe I filled the carboy too much? Anyway...
  11. wgentzel

    New Brewpot - how should I invest?

    So my birthday is coming up soon and my girlfriend decided to buy me a new brewpot (yes it's true love!) so I can do full boils instead of partial. I told her I would like an 8 gallon brewpot so she was going to get me the 8gal. Megapot from northern brewer (NORTHERN BREWER: Brew Kettles)...
  12. wgentzel

    Need Authentic Best Bitter Recipe!

    Hey all, Newbie here. Anyhow, I am getting ready to brew my third batch of beer (extract) and I want to do my best to recreate the flavors of the bitters I had when I was in London and fell in love with beer for the first time. I know there are lots of types of bitters, and I've only...