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  1. JstnMoyer

    Scottish Export Ale Recipe Discussion

    I am planning to brew a Scottish Export Ale (14C) in a few weeks for late Fall drinking. All grain BIAB. I am between 2 recipe approaches below. My main questions are: Which base malt to use? (seems to be an ongoing debate within the style) What yeast have you used for Scottish Exports? Which...
  2. JstnMoyer

    Over-Carbonated Bottles & Volume Adjustment

    My brews keep coming out over-carbonated. About a month after bottling, my beers are so over-carbonated, that I have to pour them in larger beer glasses and give them a good stir with a spoon to release some of the bite so I can enjoy them. This has been the case with 7 out of 8 batches. I...
  3. JstnMoyer

    Recipe Critique: Imperial Stout

    With the seasons changing, I am set to have my first go at brewing one of my favorite styles: Russian Imperial Stout. This will also be my first attempt at BIAB so my first full mash. I have an 8 gallon kettle so I have to supplement with LME after mashing. The recipe: 6 lb Maris Otter + 6.5...
  4. JstnMoyer

    Weird OG readings with topped-off extract wort

    Has anyone come across this weird OG issue with topped-off partial boil wort? Just brewed my second partial boil extract batch yesterday. I chilled my concentrated wort and added to glass carboy (2.5 gallons) and topped it off with water getting it to 5 gallons. I aerated more by...
  5. JstnMoyer

    First Recipe Design

    I am attempting to clone Great Lakes Chillwave IIPA but as an APA. I'm using the same ingredients that Great Lakes lists. This will be my 2nd batch ever and my first recipe design. I am open to any advice on my recipe - especially if you have had Chillwave before. At the very least, I'm trying...