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  1. matzou

    This article makes me want to self immolate

    Agreed with Appolo and Auger. Gose is freaking delicious to my palate(to each their own as well) the subtle fruitiness from coriander with the light sourness balanced by the roundness of the salt yummm. But its quite different from all the actual things we can see trending in USA where it is...
  2. matzou

    Tepache and wild yeast/bacteria

    Not sure yet about using it since I'am running short in space and time but I will keep it aside. If I use it would be as primary yeast with a classic mix of pils and flaked rye/spelt and medium low IBU to inhibit Lacto and let pedio shine over time since I have never used it. But so far in my 3...
  3. matzou

    Tepache and wild yeast/bacteria

    Hello, Just to gather some information, I recently made a Tepache from the skin of one organic pineapple with some cane sugar, cinnamon and ginger. Unlike my last batch which had no problem (beside the usual souring if left fermented too long), this batch half was consumed 24h after still the...
  4. matzou

    Anyone brewing Brut IPA?

    Sorry for the question if it has been asked previously: Would you consider a grist of 80/20 2 row/table sugar mashed very low as an alternative to the use of enzyme ? (predicted fg 1.002) I had very good luck with a BGSA with this grist so I was thinking if what we want is simple sugar why not...
  5. matzou

    Hornindal Kveik is blowing my mind

    You wont have any problem with OYL Hornindal as it is an isolate sach strain afaik, as I didnt have any problem with Voss from the TYB as well. But some other strain I swapped through forums could ferment lactose as they contain others bacteria(most frequently lacto as the hornindal/ebbegarden...
  6. matzou

    Hornindal Kveik is blowing my mind

    Not sure what you mean with the "kind" but the recipe was the one of BCS if I remember correctly and honestly it was pretty damn good but it defeat the purpose of this yeast, overpitched Voss(1L starter for 10L which is huge for a kveik) at 13c and ramped up to 18c at the end of the 10days. You...
  7. matzou

    WLP066 London Fog

    Sorry for the revival but since I received a dead packet of 1318 I was looking for a replacement as all around english style yeast/juicy neipa. Does anyone have more data on the difference between the two or the wlp066 is just slighty drier ? @bellebouche I thought this was more or less...
  8. matzou

    Yet another ordinary bitter thread

    Thanks for the detailled answers lads. I think you misunderstood the first sentence, it's not about interest as I have spend a good amount of time enjoying reading BP blog and your posts. (too bad I was not into "craft" beer while living in Newcastle) It's more about the end goal(bjcp comp, and...
  9. matzou

    Yet another ordinary bitter thread

    Hello everyone, I was looking to brew something a bit different to change from the usual ipa and sour and was thinking to enjoy a good low alcohol bitter. Not going for historically oriented bitter but more bjcp compliant. The idea would be to brew the following and try my spunding valve for...
  10. matzou

    Hornindal Kveik is blowing my mind

    1120 to 1030 for 12% on a chocolate cinnamon imp stout with voss strain. Same experience... It was done in 3 days pitched @40c. Tho the most shocking recipe was a cool fermented "rauchbier" with voss. Took 2 weeks but the yeast worked @15c !
  11. matzou

    American IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    You could Try mixing 04 with 05 or even better k97 If you can get some of the fruity esters of 04 with the less flocculent strain Planning on trying bry-97 as well. But after using 1318 S04 S05 iam pretty sure that dry is as good as liquid just don't be afraid to mix or experiment.
  12. matzou

    "Warm" fermenting beers other than Saison....

    Hornindal is the only strain that have me nail polish remover ester. Not sure where I ****ed up or if I have been sold a bad strain but it never happened with any other strain of "kveik". Which esters did you guys got from hornindal?
  13. matzou

    Bulldog Yeast

    Indeed it makes a lot more sense, I didn't even think about the MJ yeast. Maybe I could try to shoot an email directly to them as well... :)
  14. matzou

    Bulldog Yeast

    Hello, After a quick search on the interweb I couldn't find any information on those yeast: http://www.bulldogbrews.co.uk/products/bulldog-beer-yeast/b5-american-west-beer-yeast.html I have a couple of pack as part of a prize and will probably try them sooner or later but would like to know if...
  15. matzou

    The Price of Craft Beer

  16. matzou

    How many of you do short boils?

    Allways done short boil since starting the hobby. But this is not a sound advice as everyone equipment is different what matters most is the potency of the boil I assume. The 60 rule is as dumb as it can be. I had no problem with 30 min boil using 100% floor malted pilsner either (40 bjcp...
  17. matzou

    The Price of Craft Beer

    Maybe sometimes as well you(we) have no idea of the real cost to produce the beer ? Maybe they need to pay the employee a decent wage ? Maybe there is a lot more going into making this beer that you can think of ? The list could go on with a lot of maybe... As well as homebrewers maybe some...
  18. matzou

    Fermented according to recipe but cant help but wonder

    Yeah, my bad I should have put a red warning that since I'am from Spain everything is worth less. Now I'll just divide the BJCP score by two upon receival of the scoresheet and refuse the prizes/medals. Imbécile. On the other Matty seems like you got everything dialed, enjoy your beer.
  19. matzou

    Fermented according to recipe but cant help but wonder

    Hey matty, Don't wait 20days, it's going against the agressive ferm temp schedule. Just did a similar recipe. 82/18% pilsner white sugar with 1388(dregs of maredsous 6 to be accurate) Slightly underpitched (think so...) and did not Areate wort. wort was at 19.5c/67f I maintained for 1 day then...
  20. matzou

    co2 volume limit for kegging

    dumb question, found my answer. :)