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  1. 6midgets

    How do i calculate Final Gravity with adjunct additions?

    I recently brewed an American stout with a starting gravity of 1.085. I fermented with Sake yeast from maniacal yeast mixed with a pack of S-04. During the first three days of fermentation i added 12 oz. of maple syrup a day for three days. In total i added 36 oz. of organic maple syrup to the...
  2. 6midgets

    How long to fruit?

    I recently brewed a Kettle sour. I had a starting gravity of 1.048. I let it ferment down to a gravity of 1.015. I then racked it onto 5# of kiwis and 5#of green pears. I saw airlock activity for 3 days after i added the fruit. My question is how long should i keep it on fruit before i keg?
  3. 6midgets

    Kettle Sour Yeast Harvesting

    I have a local brewery whose kettle sour beer i enjoy. I noticed that every time i drink one there is a little yeast in the bottom of the can. Could harvesting this yeast and growing it into a pitch-able starter give me a yeast more suited for low Ph beers? I've had low attenuation issues in my...
  4. 6midgets

    Columbus Ohio Beer

    I’m going to Columbus Ohio next week for a business trip. Any recommendations on beers I should be on the look out for?
  5. 6midgets

    Balcones Whiskey Barrel

    Williams Brewing has these 5 gallon barrels for sale and I was curious if anyone has bought one from them? I've had good success dealing with Williams Brewing in the past, so no worries there. I'm curious about the barrel it's self...
  6. 6midgets

    attenuation help needed.

    Any advice that could be given would be greatly appreciated. I started brewing back in 2011 while I was in college. I brewed casually for 3 years (extract only) till I started a career and life happened. I’ve started back brewing heavy in the last year. I’ve brewed two 5 gallon batches a...
  7. 6midgets

    Yeast strain cocktail

    I keep a sanitized mason jar in my refrigerator. Every time I drink a commercial IPA or IIPA, I put the last sip of sediment into this jar. Once I see a fair amount of yeast/sediment on the bottom of the jar, I then start to propagate the yeast to make a starter. Then I took the starter that I...
  8. 6midgets

    What will this make?

    Where I live in Alabama the nearest homebrew shop is 60+ miles from me so I order all of my ingredients from the internet. I heard a rumor that a homebrew shop opened up about 15 miles from me so I went to check it out. This "homebrew shop" is a vape store that sells a very small selection of...
  9. 6midgets

    I'm all about that Dank!

    I'm doing some research on the Dankest hop or hop combo. I want to brew a super dank IIPA. My question is what hop or hop combo do ya'll think has the most dank qualities that would be good for this recipe?
  10. 6midgets

    Alabama Calhoun County

    I'm curious too see if there is anyone on here from the Calhoun County area or am I the only one?
  11. 6midgets

    Banquet Beer

    First off let me say I only support craft beer and micro breweries. Death to the big 3. However I really enjoy Coors Original "Banquet" Beer. I was wondering if ya'll had any info on a clone recipe for this beer. I would like to use it as a base recipe. I think it would make a really good IPL...
  12. 6midgets

    Keg Aging

    I recently acquired four used ball lock corny kegs. I already have three kegs that I use in my three tap kegerator. I was wondering if I could age beer in my kegs. The one thing that stops me from making big abv. beers is that I don't want to tie up my fermenters for long periods of time. Could...
  13. 6midgets

    50% off Dogfish Head glassware

    I was on twitter and noticed that Dogfish Head has their glassware 50% off for IPA day. I bought 3 IPA Glasses and a growler for $16 that's a pretty good deal. SWMBO is gonna love that more our our cabinet space is going to be taken up by beer glassware.
  14. 6midgets

    Andy gator = hop stoopid

    Has anyone ever noticed that hop stoopid by lagunitas kinda taste like a really hopped up version of Andy gator by abita?
  15. 6midgets

    What are you Grillin/smoking/drinking

    I noticed that there aren't any threads for grilling. So I decided to make a post to show off them grillin skills. Surely I'm not the only amateur grill master on here.
  16. 6midgets

    Chunky Beer

    From time to time while sampling "build your own 6 pack" beer I run across chunky beer. It seems to be primarily in IPA. It normally doesn't have an off taste. I have a picture from one I encountered Saturday night.
  17. 6midgets

    Peanut butter porter

    I just tried Beer Engineers Peanut Butter Porter. This is a new brewery out of Birmingham Alabama. I love porter so this one was right up my alley. It's a good complex beer. If you get the chance check it out. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  18. 6midgets

    Beginner at kegging

    I've. Been home brewing for the last 3 years now. I am sick of bottling my beer and every thing that goes with it. I want to get a good kegging setup that will work for me. I've been reading a ton of your posts on this subject over the past month. From what I've read it seems that this process...
  19. 6midgets

    Beer bread

    Is it possible to make bread from the left over cake in the fermenter?
  20. 6midgets

    dry ice?

    has anyone ever tried to cool their wort with dry ice?