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  1. wgentzel

    My Brewing Class in Korea

    No that sounds completely right and this is part of my contract as well. This adult class is actually English teachers at my school, so it is consistent with my contract and I already had this class cleared with administration. I've had my teachers all try my beer before and they liked it very...
  2. wgentzel

    My Brewing Class in Korea

    Hah, unfortunately I don't know how to distill liquor and don't really have much of a desire to. I mean, I like it with samgyeopsal and whatnot, but I wouldn't waste my time making that stuff either. Actually, for others and future reference I found...
  3. wgentzel

    My Brewing Class in Korea

    I have the newest edition of the book as well. The class is going to be Korean female English teachers. I'm looking more for something pretty and eyecatching as they don't know anything at all about beer (and probably don't care much).
  4. wgentzel

    My Brewing Class in Korea

    So I'm an English teacher in Korea and I have a class with Korean adults coming up. I decided to share my passion and let them brew with me. In the downtime I am going to let them watch "American Eats: Beer" for a bit of background about beer history in the US. I was wondering if anyone...
  5. wgentzel

    Need a Hopfish clone (or other creative recipes!)

    No response to the cloning recipe.
  6. wgentzel

    Bubblegum esters without high fermentation temp

    Currently having a similar problem with WLP001 and fermented at 60F (though I pitched at higher temps). 12 days in, I'll let you know how it is in another week...
  7. wgentzel

    My WLP001 tastes like a Belgian. What happened?!?

    I agree with all you guys and wouldn't use WLP001 as my first choice, but like I said I am in South Korea. There are about 6 ale yeasts you can buy here, and about all of them overlap (e.g. WLP001/US-05, WLP007/S-04, etc.) Then, even among these ones available, most are sold out 99% of the...
  8. wgentzel

    My WLP001 tastes like a Belgian. What happened?!?

    The OF/FG listed at the top are actual, not predicted, so it's 1.057 OG and 1.010FG (so far). It's still letting loose some occasional bubbles though and there is the slightest layer of foam on top as well. I hope it doesn't get too much drier though. Also, unfortunately no homebrew stores...
  9. wgentzel

    My WLP001 tastes like a Belgian. What happened?!?

    Hmm, interesting that US05 did that all at assumably low temps. Do you remember what you fermented at with that batch of US05? I am fairly sure this is WLP001 since it was from washed yeast from my last IPA. It is possible that I mislabeled the yeast, but I am 99% certain it was the correct...
  10. wgentzel

    My WLP001 tastes like a Belgian. What happened?!?

    I have a glass thermometer right next to the carboy. You very well maybe be right about the temp not dropping that fast, but within 48 hours no more water was leaking in from the airlock either. Let's say your right though and it fermented too high. The thing is I have fermented too...
  11. wgentzel

    My WLP001 tastes like a Belgian. What happened?!?

    So I just made up my own recipe for an all Centennial IPA and I thought it looked normal enough, so I went ahead with it. It's been fermenting at 60F (air temp) for about 11 days now and the Krausen just dropped. I figured I would go ahead and get a sample to check the gravity. It attenuated...
  12. wgentzel

    Found 04 in fridge

    S-04 is really good if you hit your temps. It flocs well and ferments REALLY fast, but make sure you don't let it get too warm!
  13. wgentzel

    To each his own but fruit doesn't belong in beer

    Long thread, but I saw some references to Magic Hat #9. Is there even any fruit in that beer? You guys should go ahead and make a very mildly hopped pale ale with WLP001 fermented in the 70's and mashed thin. You get some crazy peach and apricot taste from it. Just because it tastes like...
  14. wgentzel


    Well, it has only been a week. Did you properly aerate the wort before pitching the yeast? Either way you are at 60% attenuation right now. Perhaps agitate some more and wait another week before taking a gravity reading and cross your fingers.
  15. wgentzel


    Ok. Was it all grain or extract. What temp are you fermenting at. How far into fermentation is it? If it's all grain, what was your mash temp? What was your OG?
  16. wgentzel


    Do you mean 1.020? There's a lot of other questions to be asked, but the easiest is do you still see any bubbles coming from the airlock? Just watch it for a minute or two and if you still see some then it's still going. If you want you can slosh it around a bit to mix things up and that...
  17. wgentzel

    Makgeolli - Korean Rice Beer

    So, for a preface I live and work in South Korea. Unless are willing to kiln your own grains you sometimes find yourself without any ingredients for a while since homebrewing isn't very popular here (compared to USA, where I am from). Not only that, but grain is relatively expensive. Rice, on...
  18. wgentzel

    Careful with Safale 05

    Can someone elaborate on the boil being too vigorous? I've never hear anything about this being a problem...
  19. wgentzel

    Dry hopping AND late additions in SMaSH?

    Please let me know about this, sounds very strange...
  20. wgentzel

    Crystal Malt Cyser?

    I agree with unclejimbay on the yeast comment. If you are worried about clarity, which you mentioned in #1, I'd go for a high floc yeast (Nottingham or S-04).