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  1. bendavanza

    Labeling using laser printers - Control Panels etc

    On a machining forum I subscribe to, a post was made about using a laser printer and transferring the print to other objects. I have seen a lot of labeling threads here as well as services for screen printing etc. so I thought this would be good information to share. I have not tried this...
  2. bendavanza

    Help with Auber 2352

    I have been using a RIMS toolbox for a while now, and it seemed it was all working well, within a few degrees of my desired temps. I did the upgrade on the impeller of the pump, and the last few times I used it, I overshot the temps. It would seem to work fine for say 20 minutes but slowly creep...
  3. bendavanza

    I'm famous! well sort of

    I was interviewed for my neighborhood magazine, The Oak Cliff Advocate. I had no idea they would print my picture full page. Hey btw, in our galleries it only shows medium size, but under the pic it says click for full size, yet when I click nothing happens (it used to work). I know the image is...
  4. bendavanza

    Trade or FS tower taps sanke couplers

    I have a box full of tower shanks with standard chrome faucets, and plastic faucets. There are also several sanke taps, some are Euro and one is a slider. I have not gone through them to ID and inventory them yet but I will soon. SOme have plastic probes. I don't want to sell all of this stuff...
  5. bendavanza

    Another Silicone tubing alternative

    I really like my 1/2"x3/4" silicone tubing and I needed a bit more. I came across this Tygon stuff on Amazon, it comes out to be about the same price, ~$2 ft but it's a little more rigid (less likely to kink or collapse) and a little more clear than the milky silicone. I think I might like it...
  6. bendavanza

    WHat not to do with Sweet Potatoes, or, Maybe the best beer I will never brew again.

    I wanted to brew a stout with sweet potatoes, they are so tasty when roasted to the point of caramelization without having to add sugar. I don't particularly like pumpkin beers as they usually have more spice than actual (if at all) pumpkin. So no holiday spice for this brew. Doing some math...
  7. bendavanza

    Trying to find link for Stainless fermenters, shiny with blue stripe, cone and round

    Trying to find link for Stainless fermenters, shiny with blue stripe, cone and round. I've seen them posted here before, I just can't remember the name of them and have not had any luck searching. They sell conicals and spherical tanks. Not bichmann, stout tanks, or the unavailable china imports...
  8. bendavanza

    I made a brewing video!

    Just got the iphone4 and shot this quick video while brewing last weekend. if you click the link you can view in 720p HD. cheers! -Ben
  9. bendavanza

    Stainless IC, Whirlpool, additions to my brew kettle on the cheap.

    I picked up some stainless coils at the scrap yard. There is an inner and an outer coil, from a soda machine. It totals to 72 foot of 3/8" tubing. My existing IC is stainless but it is a 5/16" coil from a jockey box. It works, but has way too much restriction on the flow. Since I did not want to...
  10. bendavanza

    Dallas TX regulator scrap yard find $4 lb

    I came across a big container of co2 regulators from a beverage setup at Golds Metal on Lamar. Some of them are banged up but there are plenty of good ones. The tank connection side is for a high pressure hose. (which there are plenty of) The regs are set up as dual primaries. I brought home 6...
  11. bendavanza

    WTB Cheap tower

    I need a cheap tower with shank, No faucet needed. I've taken all my best parts to have my 6 tap kegerator all dialed in and I need a simple single tap tower for the old box which will be a gift to a fellow beer drinker. I'm in the DFW Tx area.
  12. bendavanza

    Looking for 1/2" tube to Female 1/2" FTP fittings in stainless

    Yes I've seen them for $30+ but i need 2 and I could brew 2 batches of whoop ass for that kind of cash. I've been scouring ebay but I only find the male fittings or the NPT size is something other than 1/2". I could use a coupler but I want to minimize the parts involved. 1/2" female pipe...
  13. bendavanza

    Cream of Saaz

    I have brewed BM's Cream of 3 Crops a few times and really enjoyed the beer, and once I made a higher gravity version for a party had a real crowd pleaser. So doing some equipment trades I ended up with a lot of Saaz hops, and thought, why not try a Saaz based version of the cream of 3 crops? I...
  14. bendavanza

    growing hops from a creek

    Here in North TX it seems that water is an issue for hops plants. There is a small creek running through my friend's 10 acre East TX property and we talked about growing hops there. Would planting them near the shore of the creek guarantee decent water delivery? I don't get out there very often...
  15. bendavanza

    Odd surface scum, look at my fermentation please

    I've never seen this kind of surface scum but I've also never used wl 002 before either. Maybe my starter got infected? the liquid I decanted off the starter tasted fine. This was my first starter, I mixed it up, sat it on the stirplate for a few days and refrigerated it for a week before using...
  16. bendavanza

    Fire ant infestation

    I have 4 potted hop plants in their second year. One of the pots became a fire ant home, the entire pot was their mound. The only non poisonous solution I could think of was dump the whole pot out on the ground, carefully pull the root ball, hose it off and re-pot. Any other solutions in case...
  17. bendavanza

    Rubber smell in Corny kegs

    I bought a crapload of kegs at the scrapyard, these were water tanks for a lab, they have liquid level sensors. the kegs that had anything left in them were just water. I was going to use 2 of them yesterday but they have a distinct rubber smell to them, like a tire. I rinsed them in starsan and...
  18. bendavanza

    old grain what to expect

    I'm considering buying some milled AG kits from another homebrewer but they were purchased on 11/30/09 and stored in the fridge. They are AHS kits so I know they sell their kits in sealed plastic bags, not vaccum but sealed. The kits are a pale ale and a bitter. From what Ive read here, using...
  19. bendavanza

    Mini Kegerator - Beck's Barrel - 3 gallon

    I was given this Becks mini fridge. It's a wooden barrel type exterior (actual wood) with a insulated fridge interior, with a regular fridge door type seal. It measures over 9" diameter inside including the door space so a 3g corny should be a nice fit. I'll make a tower for the top and probably...
  20. bendavanza

    a lot of saaz and other hops: need some inspiration

    I have 13 ounces of Saaz and want to brew something tasty with it. I'm into big beers (mostly IIPA and Imp Stouts) and have never lagered, though I do have a fridge to do it in. So far just Ales over the last 10 years and I moved to AG about 12 batches back. Any suggestions out there? Here's my...