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  1. Clonefarmer

    First time Pig Roast

    A buddy of mine and I are going to be roasting a 70-80 lb pig this weekend. It's not the first time either of us have been to a pig roast, but it will be the first time the two of us roast one ourselves. Any tips, tricks or warnings are welcome.
  2. Clonefarmer

    Looking for Spare Ingredient Recipe feedback

    I'm trying to use up some grains and hops I have. I came up with this quick recipe. Let me know what you think. 4 lb Pale Ale Malt 4 lb Pilsner 2 lb Munich Light .5 lb Crystal 40 .5 lb Crystal 60 2 oz Roasted Barley - For color 2 oz Willamette (4.5) at 60 - 37.2 IBU 1 oz Hallertau...
  3. Clonefarmer

    Big Brew Day Stout Feedback?

    I'm going to be brewing a Stout for Big Brew Day. This is the recipe I came up with. Let me know what you think. Big Brew Day Stout 10 lb Pilsner 1 lb Honey Malt 1 lb Flaked Barley .5 lb Roasted Barley .25 lb Chocolate Malt 2 oz Willamette (4.5 AA%) at 60 for 37 IBU Nottingham...
  4. Clonefarmer

    Rooting Hormone Safety

    Is it safe to use Rootone on hop cuttings? I read in the FAQ at their site it shouldn't be used on fruits or vegetables.
  5. Clonefarmer

    Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel recipe?

    Has anyone come close to recreating this at home.
  6. Clonefarmer

    New Kolsch recipe review

    I'm about to brew my first Kolsch recipe. Any suggestions? Should I use Ale or Lager pitching rates? 10 lb Pilsner 1.5 oz Hallertau (4.1% AA) at 60 min .25 oz Hallertau (4.1% AA) at 15 min Mash 149 for 90 minutes Est. OG 1.050 IBU 25 Wyeast 2565 (Kolsch)
  7. Clonefarmer

    Muntons 150?

    I ordered a bag of crystal 60 from the LHBS, but got a bag of Muntons 150. He says it's really Crystal 60, but they label it weird. Is it really crystal 60 or a substitute? . . Pilsner on the left. Crystal on the right.
  8. Clonefarmer

    New Brown Ale recipe review

    Brown Ale 10 lb Pale Ale Malt 1 lb Crystal 60 .5 lb Pale Chocolate Malt 1 oz Amarillo (7.5% AA) 60 min 31 IBU .5 oz Willamette (5.5% AA) 15 min 3 IBU .5 oz Willamette (5.5% AA) 0 min 155 mash for 60 min US-05 OG 1.060 FG ? I brewed this recipe today. It's my first...
  9. Clonefarmer

    Homegrown coriander

    I transplanted some cilantro/coriander plants I got from the local nursery. Assuming it goes to seed should I try and harvest the coriander seeds green or dry? Any tips on preparing them for use in brewing? Witch other herbs, spices or plants used in beer can be homegrown?
  10. Clonefarmer

    Fermenter lifespan

    How do you decide when it's time to retire the plastic bucket fermenters?
  11. Clonefarmer

    Any Family Guy fans?

    Made with Paint.NET
  12. Clonefarmer

    Sour cream cheese

    My neighbor made homemade cheese from sour cream years ago. I have since moved and would like to make some, but I'm not sure how to make it. IIRC the sour cream was put in cheese cloth, squeezed and hung for a few days. Does this sound right or am I missing something?
  13. Clonefarmer

    Harvesting yeast from starters

    Does anyone have a good method for harvesting yeast from starters and storing.
  14. Clonefarmer

    Decoction question

    I am brewing an AHS Dunkelwiezen partial mash today and was wondering if a single decoction to reach mash out would be worth the extra effort. Or are decoction strictly for all grain?
  15. Clonefarmer

    First starter from washed yeast questions

    I washed yeast for the first time a few months ago. I used a method similar to the one in the wiki except I used iodophor solution to sanitize the jars. I can't remember what water I used but it was probably some I had boiled and kept in 1 gallon jugs for brewing that where also sanitized with...
  16. Clonefarmer

    Need advice on first recipe

    For my first recipe I want to try something simple. In the general area of pale ales. But with a single malt and no adjuncts. I am looking for something fairly hoppy with balanced hop and malt flavor. Let me know what you think. 5# Light DME 2# Marris Otter .5# Crystal 20 .5 oz Chinook (60...
  17. Clonefarmer

    Party pig priming amount question

    I have an IPA that is ready to bottle. Using tastybrew's calculator I come up with 3.1 ounces of corn sugar for a 4 gallon batch to get 2.3 volumes of CO2. How much less should I use for two party pigs instead of bottles? Will it carbonate any slower or faster than bottles?
  18. Clonefarmer

    Need advice for Wee Heavy aging schedule

    I just brewed a Wee Heavy yesterday. The recipe is from the LHBS. 9lbs light/amber extract 2 lbs UK pale ale malt 8 oz UK light crystal 4 oz dark crystal malt 4 oz scottish peat malt 15 HBU bittering hops nottingham dry yeast OG 1.073 How long should I age it during...