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  1. drummstikk

    Simplified Decoction

    I recently brewed a Pilsner using a simplified decoction -- it had great Maillard flavors, and it was easy to brew. The simplified decoction ends up boiling grains for the same amount of time as a traditional decoction, but you don't have to to a step mash unless you want to. I doubt I'm the...
  2. drummstikk

    100% homegrown

    Going to catch up with a thread I began over at brewingnetwork.com. Progress posts will go up on both sites. I know this section is for growing hops, and that will eventually be part of the project -- but these first posts are all about barley! Originally posted Nov 15, 2011 A field is...
  3. drummstikk

    Chill Haze, for realz

    I'd like to have a serious conversation about chill haze and how to remove it. By chill haze, I mean that I have a crystal clear beer at room temp, and a turbid beer at refrigerated temps. All my beers give the same result, and I use standard Weyermann, Rahr, Briess, Simpsons malts and White...