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  1. zahrndt_usmc

    yes another is my beer ruined, please yalls opinions

    Ok so this is my 7th batch, (a porter) and well theres something on in that ive never seen in any of my other beers. There are some bubbles on the top of the beer, its been in the secondary for 2 weeks now. its just bubbles that dont seem to go away and there is no white stuff or off color...
  2. zahrndt_usmc

    The most irritating question

    Ok, am I the only one who gets this? Everytime I talk about how I make my own beer (which is almost daily, im hooked big time and brewing a porter right now) I always have that one guy ask me everything about how I do it, and then asks me "So can you make a copy of something good, like Bud?"...
  3. zahrndt_usmc

    What would happen if....????

    I am still using my gas stove top for partial mash which does not have enough power to bring 5 gallons of wort to boil. What I have been doing is bringing 3 gallons in one pot and 2 gallons in another and then combining them (it can sustain a boil but not bring that much to boil) My question is...
  4. zahrndt_usmc

    Stone Cali-Belique clone

    Ok so I went to Stone brewing for my buddies going away party, and while im normally a malty kind of guy i tried the Stone Cali-Belique for the first time, and it was amazing, so I want to get started on a clone. Only prob i cant seem to find any recipies for it... so if anyone has a recipe for...
  5. zahrndt_usmc

    Kegging equipment help!!?!

    ok so i read the past articles, looked at websites and im still confused! what do i need to keg beer (besides the keg) I looked at several websites and they have all kinds of doo dads in theyre kits and i just dont want to get taken or buy stuff i dont need or buy something thats gonna break in...
  6. zahrndt_usmc

    ss vs standard wortchiller

    I was looking at midwest website and I noticed they had ss wortchillers I wondered if there was any benefit to that kind vs the stadard kind
  7. zahrndt_usmc

    Question about Christmas Spice Beer!

    So I have a random question, I am designing a recipie for a winter spice beer. What will add more cinnamon flavor to my beer, cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon? Also if anyone has any recomendations or tips for a winter beer that would also be appreciated as well.